If you’re looking to maximize your winning potential on football matches, Bovada Asian Handicap Betting is certainly worth considering. Bovada is part of parent company, Bodog, with Bovada being a re-brand focused on American punters. Fans of football betting will be instantly at ease with this online bookmaker, with match and bet options presented with an easy-to-read sportsbook, and plenty of European and UK league options to wager on. Originally geared toward the North American market, Bovada displays it’s odds in US format (eg. -100) and handicaps displayed in decimal form. Players can choose to punt on US soccer leagues, or explore the much more familiar territory of the English Premier League and UEFA Championship.

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Asian Handicap Bet Selection at Bovada

Although originally designed for American bettors, Bovada offers a comprehensive list of league and match options, including the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League and the US Major League. Whether you’re looking for a simple, single handicap bet, or wish to try your luck on league-long outcomes, it’s easy to determine your odds of winning at Bovada, with excellent live betting opportunity and lucrative accumulators. Single and double Asian Handicap is available here, giving punters more outcomes to wager on. Double Asian Handicaps are slightly more complicated, but provide more ways to win, with the most positive outcomes per bet (win outright, half win, full push).

Betting Odds at Bovada

Available odds on handicaps at Bovada aren’t too different from what you’d expect elsewhere. Shorter margins and smaller goal handicaps have shorter odds (usually in the region of 1.70 to 1.90 in European odds). Although the platform and odds portal is easy to navigate, with collapsible additional and alt bets, it doesn’t have dynamic updates. Players looking for odds on in-play bets and updated info are advised to keep their page refreshed.


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Does Bovada Provide Asian Handicap Bets at Live Betting?

If you’re interested in live betting potential, Bovada is a go-to online bookmaker for stretching even the tiniest of stakes into seriously big winnings. Live betting means that players can bet on a goal amount or outcome from any point of play up until final whistle at 90 minutes. Live betting can provide much more lucrative odds, although it is perhaps the highest risk form of live betting. Also known as in-play betting, this method is best reserved for the more experienced football pundit. A thorough look at both teams and their previous match statistics is required for live betting, especially if you’re hoping for multiple goals before final whistle.

How are Asian Handicap Bets & Odds Displayed at Bovada?

At first glance, Bovada may appear a little confusing to those unfamiliar with different abbreviations of goal handicaps and odds. Unlike European sites and most UK bookmakers, goal handicaps are displayed in fractional form, as opposed to decimal points. A half goal handicap is written like ‘1/2’, a 1.5 goal handicap is shown as ‘1 1/2’ and a negative handicap is shown in much the same manner, only with a minus prefix, ‘-1/2’.

As it originated as an American market, Bovada displays its paylines in US format. Rather than conventional fractional odds, returns are expressed as 3-digit paylines (+300, +400) and so on. A ‘+300’ moneyline means a successful bet will see the original stake returned, plus a 200% profit. In the rare instance of a negative moneyline, the number is prefixed with a minus (-100).

Are There any Special Rules for Betting with Asian Handicap at Bovada?

There’s no special requirements for play and payout at Bovada, with rules of play remaining much the same as most online bookmakers. Bovada offers new member bonuses for those registering with them for the first time, with none of the usual play-through requirements you might find with casino bonuses.

As with all Asian Handicaps, these special bets are only valid on the first 90 minutes of play and don’t include goals accrued during extra time or penalties. Even with live betting, players are only punting up until the final whistle. European and UK players may have some trouble negotiating the Americanised odds and statistics, but these are easily converted to get a clear picture of potential winnings.

Explanation and Instructions for Asian Handicap Betting at Bovada

There’s multiple types of Asian Handicaps, each with their own specific rules and rates of return. Single Asian Handicaps are the easiest to understand and, when betting on Bovada, look something like this: Team A +1 vs Team B.

Here, Team A has been classed as the underdog and given a head-start of a single goal to level up the playing field. At Bovada, odds for a win for Team A might be in the region of 1.50 – 1.70. If the bet is successful, players would have their stake returned, plus 50% in profit. Any bet on Team A will secure a win, provided they win or draw after final scores are adjusted with the handicap. If Brazil secures a draw after scores are adjusted, players will see their stake returned. This is one of the safest ways to bet on football matches.

Double Asian Handicaps are a little more complicated, but give punters more options and ways to win. These types of bets are also known as ‘quarter goal bets’ or ‘split handicaps’. Essentially, with double Asian Handicaps, the wager is split into two individual bets. Each bet has the same odds of winning, but are set a different handicap. If both halves of the bet win, a player makes a maximum profit. If only one of the bets win and the other draws, the stake is returned (a ‘push’) and 50% of potential winnings are pocketed. If one bet loses and the other results in a draw, players have their stake returned only. If both halves of the bet are unsuccessful, players lose their entire wager.

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