Asian handicap betting at William Hill exists to give you, the potential user, the best possible chance of winning your bet and making some money. The basic premise of an Asian handicap bet is one that seeks to eliminate the possibility that a team may draw. The sport in which this type of betting is most associated with is football. While most online gambling sites offer the opportunity to bet on football, not all of them offer the exciting prospect of Asian handicap betting. The system works easily by giving one team a handicap, typically of denominations that go up by 0.25. This allows there to be no possibility of a draw. This is advantageous because there is a 50% chance of getting the result right, rather than 33%, if a draw was possible.

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Selection Of Asian Handicap Betting at William Hill

At William Hill, the range of bets is slightly limited and this is good for making things much less complicated for the user. The website only offers Asian handicap of full goals. The system still works to eliminate the draw possibility, because the team that is handicapped will win if there is a draw. Therefore, the bet still has all the advantages of an Asian handicap because it means eliminating the possibility of a draw. The other type of betting very similar to this is a Draw no bet bet. This means that the user may only bet on one of the teams to win, therefore only two possible outcomes, like in Asian handicap betting and if there is in fact a draw, the user will get their full stake back.

Odds For Asian Handicap at William Hill

The odds of the betting when using an Asian handicap can either go up or down when compared with if the user were to use a normal bet. Obviously, the team that starts at a deficit (-goals) will be less likely to win and typically, these odds will be enhanced. In contrast, the team starting at a surplus (+goals), will be more likely to win and in conjunction, their odds will be diminished. The amount of differentiation between the odds of normal betting and Asian handicap betting normally vary a great deal, depending on how good the team is. The consequence of only allowing handicaps of full goals means that the odds will change much more than if Over / Under 1.5 or Over / Under 2.5 goals denominations were allowed to be bet on.


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Live Betting with Asian Handicap at William Hill

William Hill does in fact offer the opportunity for clients to place an Asian handicap style of bet, even when the match has already kicked off. This adds an exciting addition to the already extensive in game betting opportunities that exist on the site. Like most in match bets, the nature of the odds will increase and become more attractive to the client, with a higher return, the longer the duration of the match. The types of Asian handicaps offered are agin only full goals handicaps with the same rules in terms of a draw applying here, like with if the bet was placed well in advance of the match starting.

The advantage of live betting and this is true for all types, not just Asian handicap, is that the user can access the game, and one team may be performing a little better than they were expected to before the game started. Therefore, the user has more insight into the game which can enable them to provide a more realistic prediction as to the final result. Live betting works particularly well in football because the nature is that one team can have an off day or may have last minute injuries of an important player and there is no way of telling this in advance.

Showing Asian Handicap Bets

Asian handicap bets are real easy to find on William Hill. There is no specific Asian handicap section or market that the client can select and use on the William Hill website, they are simply integrated with the rest of the betting markets. If the user is a particular fan, they can add it to “their markets” and it will appear at the top of the betting screen each and every time the user clicks on any individual football match available.

Special Asian Handicap Rules

There really aren’t any special rules, apart from the special conditions that are specified above and are also available on the site. The user would be advised to check and double check so that they know the ins and outs of each bet. The same rules apply for Asian Handicap betting as any other type of betting.

Explanation and Instruction for Asian Handicap Betting at William Hill

It could not be easier. Once the user has successfully visited the William Hill website, created an account and got to grips with the user interface, it simply could not be easier to place an Asian handicap bet. All the user has to do is select a sport, in this case, football, then they need to select a match they would like to bet on, this is typically done by viewing the odds of the outcome you would like to see.

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