Stan James Asian Handicap Betting benefits UK punters daily. Men and women who want to bet on football have gravitated towards this option because of the many betting opportunities they get. Asian Handicap lines remove the draw option almost completely from the possible outcomes in a football match.

People who enjoy Stan James Asian Handicap Betting do so for another important reason. It helps to protect them from losses. When a bettor uses an Asian handicap, they don’t just have one bet. Each bet that they make is actually split in two. In many instances, their bet may result in a half win or half loss so while they may not win their complete bet, they may make a profit on half of their stake.

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Asian Handicap Bet Options at Stan James

Each Stan James Asian Handicap option is designed to give a weaker team an advantage and deliver a handicap to the stronger team. This equals the odds a bit between the two teams so that punters have much more opportunities to bet and make a profit. With each match, a wide range of betting options are offered using the Asian handicap.

Stan James Asian Handicap Betting gives you a better chance to win your bet than regular betting. The Asian Handicap is used to remove the possibility of a draw from the outcomes for the match. For that reason, the odds of a successful wager increase for punters from 1 in 3 to 1 in 2.

Stan James has a good selection of bets which you can make using the Asian Handicap. It all depends on what sport you are betting on to make a profit at the bookmaker. If you prefer betting with half goals, this is available, so you can place your wager with the handicap that you are most comfortable with.

The options that you can choose from include the following:

  • Draw No Bet or DNB
  • Asian Over/Under
  • AH -1.0
  • AH +2.5
  • AH +0.5

Odds for Stan James Asian Handicap Betting

Stan James Asian Handicap Betting odds change with each match that you want to bet on. Usually, odds are displayed at least 24 hours before the start of each game. This gives you adequate time to prepare your betting strategy. Stan James guarantees the odds that they offer. They aim to provide punters with the best odds on every bet that they place so it is a good idea to check their odds on any match that you are interested in betting on.

It is important to always select games that give you the best chances of winning a big payout. Even if you have a favourite team, it is worth comparing the odds offered on different teams in other matches, to see if you can increase your payout with a successful wager. Similarly, the odds on each handicap will vary. For example, you may find that there are better odds on AH +0.5 than on AH -1.5.


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Stan James and Asian Handicap Bets with Live Betting

Football fans who enjoy live betting will enjoy placing their wager using Stan James Asian Handicap Betting. They are regarded as a pioneer when it comes to online live betting. This option is available through the bookmaker on other sports as well.

Virtual games do not suit everyone but with live betting, you can get in on the real action but use the Asian Handicap to help maintain your funds and have a bigger chance to make a profit. The Draw No Bet or Asian Handicap 0:0 is the most popular Stan James Asian Handicap Betting option used with live games.

How Stan James Shows Asian Handicap Bets

Stan James displays each Asian Handicap bet using a + or – sign. The sign that is used helps to indicate whether the team is receiving a penalty or a head start. The number that immediately follows the sign shows how many goals the team is getting as an advantage or a handicap.

For example, “Stoke City -2” shows that Stoke City is getting a penalty. Their penalty is equal to two goals. This penalty is decided at the start of the match. When the game is over, -2 goals would be added to Stoke City’s total to determine whether you have won your bet. If they get three goals, after you add the penalty of -2, they would end up with 1 goal.

You may also see something like this on Stan James when you are getting ready to make your wager: Stoke City -1 Stoke City +1 Stoke City +0, for an Asian Handicap of 0

Stan James Asian Handicap Betting Rules

A limit of £200,000 is placed on the amount that you can win with any Asian Handicap bet. Asian handicaps are applied to make matches more equal. The results of each game will help to determine whether you have won or lost your bet. You cannot change your bet once the game has begun.

How To Bet With An Asian Handicap At Stan James

Stan James Asian Handicap Betting helps you to increase your chances of betting successfully. If you enjoy football betting, you can bet on live games at Stan James. You can view the odds associated with each team before the match and decide which ones you think will best suit your strategy.

Once you select football or any other sport you wish to bet on, you will be taken to a page with all the matches that you might be interested in. These are organised according to date and league. Select the time that your team will be playing or the league that they play in.

For example if you select Wolves versus Reading, you will see all betting options. If you want to use Draw No Bet or any other Asian Handicap, select the team and the information will be added to your bet slip. Click on the bet slip, add the amount of your wager and click “Place Bet” to save your bet.

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