The Sky Bet Asian handicap betting is an example of how interesting and more fun the betting world has turned out to be. In this type of bet, bettors get an equal opportunity of winning by placing their stake on weaker teams. Handicap league and match betting are the other types of betting that Sky Bet offers. Asian handicap betting is slightly different from the handicap match betting in terms of the number of possible outcomes. Sky Bet handicap match betting offers three possible outcomes while the Asian Handicap betting eliminates the possibility of a draw. From a risk taker’s point of view, this actually reduces the percentage of risk involved in a given bet.

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Selection of Asian Handicap Bets at SkyBet

Asian Handicap betting has a general idea of trying to level the field for weak teams so that one can bet on either side of the bet. Selection and allocation of handicaps depends on the form of each team. Weak teams take a boost in terms of goals going into the match while the strong teams have a negative handicap in which they have to overcome. That alone should be enough to motivate players to bet on weak team, or rather have an open mind before placing a bet. Asian Handicap betting mostly applies on one-sided matches but on rare occasions, a weak team receives a negative handicap to overcome. In the event that this is the case, players who bet on the weak team stand a chance of winning good money if at all the team overcomes the deficit. Scratch situation are when both teams stand an equal chance of winning the fixture, thus no handicap applies.

Asian Handicap Betting Odds at SkyBet

Based on recent performance of each team, betting odds tell the possibility of overcoming the deficits allocated. Sky Bet Asian handicap betting odds are displayed in fraction form beside the handicap bet. The same odd calculates possible winnings of a given bet by multiplying the fraction with a player’s stake. Obviously high risk has high returns; nevertheless, bettors are encouraged to bet wisely. In case of a negative Asian handicap for instance, the larger the goal deficit allocated to the team, the bigger the odd, and eventually the possible earnings. Odd allocation in a positive Asian bet is the exact opposite of how the negative situation works. Odds decrease with increase in the positive goal difference allocated to the weak team. This means that the deficit becomes easy to achieve but the possible earnings also reduce.


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Asian Handicap Odds at Live Betting

Sky Bet offers live bet options in almost all the types of betting. Asian handicap betting in the live bet category have odds that change with time as the match progresses. Betting odds reflect just beside the handicap bet. This is more fun and easy to win in the sense that a player still gets an opportunity to place a late bet. From a critical point of view, live bets are easy to win as one will be able to tell in relation to the time, if the odds are more likely to win.

Asian Handicap Bets at Sky Bet

Teams are allocated deficits as from +0.50 and -0.50 (Asian Handicap 0.5), +1 and -1 (Asian Handicap 1), +1.5 and -1.5 (Asian Handicap 1.5), or even more. The allocation of most deficits in decimal numbers is a way of ensuring that the outcome of an Asian handicap ends up in a win or lose. Take a practical example of a football match fixture between Manchester United and Newcastle: Manchester United (-1.5), Newcastle (+1.5). In this bet, those betting on Manchester United will only win the bet if they win by two goals whereas those betting on Newcastle win the bet if the Match ends up in a draw or Newcastle wins or loses the match by one goal. Players betting on the positive Asian handicap have an added advantage in the sense that Newcastle can easily win the bet if they are able to avoid losing by two goals.

Asian Handicap Betting Rules

Most general betting rules at Sky Bet apply to an Asian handicap. Special rules include the fact that the bet eliminates the draw possibility and in the event there is a draw, players get their stakes back. Such a case in a football fixture is possible with odds that do not have decimal points. It is important for bettors to know that the handicap applies to the selection he or she makes and not on both teams. This means that when placing an Asian handicap bet, a win or lose is determined by the margin of the deficit of your selection when the full time whistle blows.

Explanation and Instructions for Asian Handicap Betting at Sky Bet

Sky Bet Asian Handicap betting gives no option of draw, leaving you with two possible outcomes in any bet. This should be pretty simple and fun after knowing what the odds and deficits stand for. A fixture between Liverpool (-1.5) and Aston Villa (+1.5) means that both teams have to overcome the margin of two goals allocated. Liverpool has to win by two goals while Newcastle just needs to avoid a two-goal loss to win the bet. Since there is no half goal, the bet completely rules out a draw possibility.

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