For punters looking for better prices, secure ties and more regular returns, Sbobet Asian Handicap Betting is a must. Designed to up the enjoyment of mismatched football bets, Asian Handicaps eliminate the draw outcome, giving punters more of a 50/50 chance of winning. Goals are applied to one or both teams in the event that competing teams are massively mismatched in terms of playing stats and performance. At Sbobet, punters can make use of lucrative live betting options, with new handicaps continuously applied to keep odds as equal as possible, throughout the entire 90 minutes of play. With some of the most attractive odds on the market, and flexible Asian Handicaps for easy betting, Sbobet’s a go-to for any self-respecting punter.

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Asian Handicap Bet Selection at Sbobet

Sbobet has a healthy selection of odds on the English Premiership and Regional leagues, in addition to German, Italian, Spanish and other leading European leagues and match fixtures. Sbobet has one of the simplest and easy to navigate betting portals on the web. Simply select football fixtures from the events tab at the left of screen and you’ll be given a complete list of leagues and fixtures with available bets. Traditional odds and fixed Asian Handicaps can be found alongside extensive Live Betting options. In-play bets are constantly updated, providing consistently level odds for even the most mismatched of games.

Sbobet has a dynamic interface, with odd changes refreshed automatically, ideal for live betting. Punters can easily browse through games of the day, along with advanced fixtures for several weeks in the future. Perfect for long-term wagers and those looking to make a profit on accumulator bets.

Asian Handicap Odds at Sbobet

Sbobet offer competitive Asian Handicap odds, although with comparatively more leagues and fixtures to bet, betting here can be a much more lucrative venture. Asian Handicaps here offer a much better price than traditional fixtures and fixed odds betting, with competitive wagers and higher returns. Asian Handicaps eliminate the chance of a draw, meaning there are only two selections to punt on. Even in the case of an actual tie, players can benefit from having their stakes returned, known as a ‘push’.

Adjusted handicaps can make even mismatched games more exciting, and allow punters to back and win on their favourite teams, even if they’re the underdog. In-play betting is also available, offering much healthier odds for punters quick on the pulse. With adjusted handicaps added continuously throughout play, committed players can see some impressive kick-back from keeping an eye on ever-changing odds. For even safer betting and higher chances of returns, split Asian Handicap betting can be a great way to stake your cash. Effectively splitting your bet and placing it out on two outcomes, it’s the way to go if a final outcome seems too close to call, even after handicaps are applied.


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Live Betting with Asian Handicaps at Sbobet

If you’re looking for longer odds with higher returns on your wagers, live betting is the way to go. At Sbobet, there’s plenty of in-play betting options available, with a dynamic betting portal that’ll keep you updated with up-to-the-minute handicaps and available bets. Even in highly mismatched play-offs, punters can follow their favourite teams and win big when betting on the underdogs. Even for those completely new to Asian Handicaps, in-play betting is ideal for those looking to ensure a return on their wager, whatever the odds.

Asian Handicap Odds & Abbreviations at Sbobet

At Sbobet, Asian Handicaps and goals are written in decimal form (1.5, 0.5 etc.) for easy identification and calculation of adjusted scores. This is particularly handy when dealing with games with four or more possible outcomes (win outright, lose outright, half win, half push, push and so on). Goal deficits are applied with a minus (- 0.50, -1.50), while head-starts are applied with a plus (+ 0.50, +1.50). Odds are also applied in decimal form, making Sbobet a good place to bet for European punters.

Sbobet Asian Handicap – Rules of Play

Asian Handicap betting at Sbobet follows the same rules of play as anywhere else, meaning anyone familiar with this method of betting will have no problems getting started. One of the most attractive aspects of this bookmaker is its live betting offerings. Punters should remember the usual rules of in-play betting which apply for all bookmakers, with odds on total goals always on the moment of betting to final whistle. Sbobet offers split handicap betting, where each stake is divided between two individual bets, resulting in even more potential outcomes for punters.

Any free deposit bonus is subject to the same play-through limits as other credit bonuses. Using the promo code ‘DEPBON39 gives new members up to 200€ to bet on the online sportsbook, while savvy players can turn their deposit top-up into serious winnings with accumulated bets.

Betting with Asian Handicaps at Sbobet – Explanation & Examples

It’s simple to get started with Asian Handicaps, even if you’ve your new to the method. A classic example  involving Asian Handicap 0.5 might look something like this: Team A (-0.50) vs Team B (+0.50)

Here, Team A need only to draw level to secure a winning bet. An outright goal win for Team A will also secure betting success. If, after adjusted scores, Team B scores more than Team A, the bet is a loss. At even odds, a bet of £100 would see a return of £175 in the case of a 1-0, or a zero all draw. On the other hand, betting on TEAM B to win means there is only one winning bet outcome, although the odds will be slightly longer and the returns more lucrative.

For more success with handicap betting, explore foreign leagues with higher goal per game stats. European leagues traditionally boast more goals per game than the English Premiership and Championship Leagues – which usually average out at 2.5, offering longer odds and more unpredictable outcomes.

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