Earn money at Pinnacle Sports with Asian handicap betting. Asian handicap betting is a type of football betting where teams are handicapped as per their form. In this type of betting, a strong team should score goals after a bettor places his or her bet. The value of handicap starts with one-quarter goal. When a punter wins a round, the size of the bet can be increased by half or quarter goal. This betting system lowers the possible number of outcomes from three to two by reducing the draw result.

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Selection of Pinnacle Sports Asian Handicap Bets

In Pinnacle Sports, a bettor can avail fair chances to win a game by using Asian handicap bets. This kind of betting provides an opportunity to the player to find more value while backing a heavy favourite when compared with the traditional 1×2 betting format.

Football handicap betting nullifies the chances of losing if a football match ends in a draw after ninety minutes. The Asian handicap betting system makes teams handicapped to compensate any perceived difference in abilities. A bettor can use handicap by analysing the goal superiority for eliminating the draw.

There are three kinds of Asian handicap bets.

  • Level handicap
  • Single handicap
  • Split handicap
  • Single Handicap

A single handicap takes place when a perceived difference occurs in abilities of two teams. The superior team would be provided a suitable goal handicap to draw fair chance with bets like -1 goal, -0.5 goal, -1.5 goal, etc.

  • Level Handicap

A level handicap is a situation where perceived difference does not exist between two teams. For winning a bet, the bettor should identify the team, which can deliver more goals. During the draw, all bets are refunded.

  • Split Handicap

A split handicap takes place when perceived difference of abilities of two teams is small. In this situation, you can split your bet over two handicaps. When you assign -0.5 and 0 to your favourite team and if it loses the game, you would lose both bets. If the game ends in a draw, half of your stake would be refunded.

Pinnacle Sports Asian Handicap Betting Odds

The prime aim of Asian handicap betting is that the draw outcome is nullified. The probability of every outcome is 33% when bettor places a standard bet. The draw option is eliminated in Asian handicap.

Asian handicap betting provides the loser of the game with an early lead before the commencement of the match. You can bet on home or away. One goal can make things favourable or the opposite happens. Pinnacle Sports offers a few Asian handicap odds.

Asian Handicap 0

With Asian handicap 0 the game commences with 0-0. No team gets an advance in the beginning. Draw option is nullified. In this type of betting, home odds is 1.90 and away odds is 1.95.

Asian Handicap 0.25

The football match starts with 0-1/4. The loser team is paid an advance with a quarter goal before the commencement of the match. The betting system is more complicated than half-Asian handicap. If you win, you get back half of your betting amount. If you lose, you lose half of your stake.

Asian Handicap 0.5

Asian handicap 0.5 means the game starts with 0-1/2. The underdog team is paid advance with half goal. The draw option is nullified. There is no money back in any case.

Asian Handicap 0.75

This odd is different from ¼ Asian handicap with a slight exception. The game starts with 0-3/4. The loser team is advanced with a quarter goal before the commencement of the match. Draw option is nullified.


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Does Pinnacle Sports Offer Asian Handicap at Live Betting?

Pinnacle Sports Asian Handicap offers highest odds. The odds in an even match are 1.952, -1.952, 1.98, -1.98, etc. This gaming platform offers great Asian handicap at live betting.

Pinnacle Sports has lower margins when compared with other online bookmakers. You can draw best odds for important football matches, Series A, Bundesliga, Spanish Primera and Premier League with 2% margin. You can draw goal line, Asian handicap and money line for betting on football matches. If you wish to get the best odds on the Internet, you should have them in your bookmaker list. You can enjoy live betting on American football matches like NCAA and NFL.

How Asian Handicap Bets Are Displayed at Pinnacle Sports?

Pinnacle Sports provides a detailed explanation of Asian handicap bets in tabular form. When you view the web page, you would find columns related with ATS, form, etc. ATS is the number of occasions where a team has performed better than a handicap. The form is calculated from the last ten football matches. It provides an idea of recent wins. The team, which has won the last match, would be placed higher than a team, which has played the nine matches, but lost the last match.

The betting chart helps bettors to understand how a team performs against handicap. The chart also allows bettors to compare their opinion of a team with market predictions. Specific Rules of Betting with Pinnacle Sports Asian Handicap

At Pinnacle Sports, as at all online bookmakers you need to follow a set of betting rules when you place Asian handicap bets. Losers and winners are decided only after the football match have covered at least 55 minutes.

If the game is suspended before 55 minutes and has not been resumed the same day, all bets would be treated as no action. The money would be refunded. It may happen that a game has been suspended after 55 minutes and not resumed the same day. The score of the game before its suspension would determine the betting results. Bets placed during the second half would include overtime scoring.

Explanation and Instructions for Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap betting is applicable for football matches. There are two kinds of bets. You can place a bet on the outcome of the game or you can bet on the number of goals. At Pinnacle Sports, Asian handicap is offered on single or double line. When you use single handicap bet, the outcome of the game is adjusted to determine whether the bet has been won or lost. If you assign -1 handicap on a particular team, you have to note that the team scores, at least, two goals. Then only you can win. When you place double handicap bet, the bet would split up. You can assign +0.5 and +1 to a team. If the team loses, you lose half of the amount of your bet.

Overall, Pinnacle Sports Asian Handicap offers the best Asian handicap betting odds. Bets are shown in tabular form, which allows you to analyse past performances of football teams and easily make decisions to place bets accordingly.

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