NetBet Asian Handicap Betting is one of the easiest ways for football fans to earn money on matches, without the worry of complicated odds. Asian Handicaps effectively eliminate the chance of a draw, and are designed to make every football match more of a level playing field. NetBet is one of the oldest online bookmakers, offering easy introductions to Asian Handicap betting to players from the UK, Europe and beyond. Whether you’re looking to bet on a single match, or follow an entire premiership for maximum earning potential. While Asian Handicaps come with shorter odds and relatively smaller returns, punters can enjoy outcomes closer to 50/50, making every venture a much more low-risk affair, with live betting proving incredibly lucrative.

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Asian Handicap Bet Selection at NetBet

NetBet has a dedicated sport betting portal and platform, introducing a much wider variety of Asian Handicap Betting opportunities to punters. Asian Handicaps offer a much safer way to wager in general, but at NetBet, there’s a fantastic selection of potential bets on offer to take even the smallest of wagers further. UK football fans can place bets on the UK Championship, English FA Cup, League One and League Two matches, Premier League and many regional leagues and championships.

More extreme goal handicaps can make for more lucrative returns. While most Premiership games see an average of 2.5 goals per match (hence the Asian Handicap default), foreign leagues and secondary leagues tend to see a higher scoring outcome. At NetBet, you’ll be able to bet on German, French and Spanish Premierships, along with smaller division games from select countries.

NetBet doesn’t offer dynamic displays, so punters looking for the latest odds are advised to regularly refresh their page in order to see the latest, most up-to-date Asian Handicap odds.

Asian Handicap Odds at NetBet

NetBet is tailored toward UK players and displays odds in fractional form. Matches with half goal handicaps like Asian handicap o.5 can usually be found at odds of around 22/25 (or 1.88 in Decimal/European odds). Most odds on offer are relatively short, although higher goal handicaps can bring in higher returns. Usually, most odds fall within the region of 4/5 and 11/10.


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Does Netbet Provide Asian Handicap Bets at Live Betting?

You’ll find no shortage of live-betting options at NetBet. One of the most established online bookmakers for UK and European players, NetBet offers a wide selection of in-play betting options for several popular sports, not just football. Committed players looking to turn in a healthy profit despite the short odds of Asian Handicaps can do very well with in-play betting.

Live betting essentially lets players wager at higher odds than more conventional bets, and more standard Asian Handicaps, up until the last minute of play. Asian Handicaps are only assigned to the first 90 minutes of play, and don’t include goals scored after final whistle in overtime or penalties.

Finding Asian Handicap Odds to Play at NetBet

NetBet streamlines its sports betting portal for clearer odds and outcomes. Players looking to find Asian Handicap odds simply need to pick their preferred sport (in this case football), select the leagues or divisions they wish to bet on (found on the left-side of the screen) and then check ‘Asian Handicap’ from the available market options. At NetBet, you’ll be able to bet on either half-time or full-time Asian Handicap outcomes.

Odds are displayed simply in either case, giving the applied handicap in decimal form (+2.0, 0, -1.0 etc…) along with the associated odds in fractional form (4/5, 20/27 etc…). More traditional Over/Under betting odds can also be found at the right of the Handicap score and odds summaries.

Special Rules for Play at NetBet Sports

NetBet is one of the better places for punters looking to stake money on live sporting events, offering much more freedom and flexibility than other online bookmakers. Those newly registering at NetBet can capitalize on some lucrative new member benefits, including matched deposit bonuses to help stretch even small initial stakes.

There’s no unusual play requirements for punters to be concerned about at NetBet. New member bonuses come with relatively little small print, requiring none of the usual play-through you might find elsewhere, or with traditional bonuses from online bookmakers. Unlike other online bookmakers, NetBet displays each individual Asian Handicap and its associated odds separately. If players are betting on a simple outcome, this shouldn’t prove a problem, but for those looking to bet on multiple handicaps, an odds calculator will come in handy.

Asian Handicaps at NetBet – Explanation & Examples

Asian Handicaps are designed to make betting more interesting on matches that might normally be seen as forgone conclusions. Usually applied when one team is set against a better or worse performing team, a handicap can be awarded to a team to give them a head start, or to set them at a drawback before play commences. At NetBet, Asian Handicap odds are displayed against each team, rather than matches overall, requiring punters to do a little calculation if there are multiple handicaps assigned to a game.

Typical Asian Handicaps might look something like this:

Team A +0.5 (50/57) vs Team B

Here, there’s multiple outcomes and returns to punters. If Team A draws level with Team B, the adjusted outcome means they’ve won by half a goal. Team B only need to score a single goal more than Team A in order to win. If betting on whole goal handicaps, there’s a chance the match could result in a draw after scores are adjusted.

For punters looking for a safer way to bet, split or ‘quarter goal’ handicaps offer the chance to win outright, or see at least partial returns of their stake. Increasing the number of outcomes of a bet, split handicaps effectively let punters bet on multiple end results.

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