Mobilebet Asian Handicap Betting is a twisted version of standard betting provided by the online betting site Mobilebet. This form of betting is most suitable for specific sports such as football. Under Asian Handicap betting, teams are handicapped depending on the overall form of the team. For instance, the stronger football team has to win by more goals for any punter who placed their stakes on them to win. The handicaps, special goal advantages to the underdogs, are in increments of a quarter or half goals and they spread from a quarter of a goal to several goals. Mobilebet Asian Handicap Betting also eliminates the possibility of a draw and increases the possible outcomes of a single football game.

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What Is the Selection of Asian Handicap Bets at Mobilebet?

The idea underlying Asian Handicap betting is that weaker teams are offered a level playing field to win a football match. Handicaps are usually allocated to teams based on the form of the team. This is done by giving the weaker team a certain goal advantage before the game starts. While the goal advantage is meant to act as a boost, the stronger team is allocated a negative handicap to overcome. This works to allow football fans to bet on the weaker side as well, a factor that also increases possible outcomes and makes betting more exciting.

If the weaker team goes on to win the match, those who placed their stakes on the team winning will win a substantial amount of money. However, there are instances where both teams stand an equal chance of winning. This is known as a scratch situation. In such cases, no handicap will be allocated to either team since the main purpose of giving handicap is to create a level playing field and allow players to have an open mind when betting.

On the whole, Mobilebet offer a wide range of AH bets which including AH 0, AH 0.25 and AH1.

What Are Asian Handicap Betting Odds at Mobilebet?

Betting odds are simply a measure of the possibility of a team overcoming the deficit allocated to them. This is usually based on the recent performance of the team in previous matches as well as the line-up of players that are likely to take part in that particular match. The same betting odds are used to calculate the possible winnings of each player depending on the stakes they have placed on their preferred team. Higher betting odds denote higher risks and will result to higher winning for those who place their stakes on such a team. In Asian Handicap, when a team is allocated a big goal deficit, the odds are usually bigger since it would require much for the team to overcome the deficit. As a result, the earnings will be much higher due to the high odds. With every increase in positive goal difference that is given to the underdog, odds will decrease since the deficit will be easier to overcome.


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Does Mobilebet Provide Asian Handicap Bets at Live Betting?

Yes. Mobilebet provides Asian Handicap bets at live betting. The bets cover all football leagues and tournaments across the world, making for an exciting and robust betting experience for players. When placing a bet on Mobilebet, it is important to remember that the win will be dependent only on the goals scored after the bet has been placed.

The Way Asian Handicap Bets Are shown on Mobilebet

At Mobilebet, teams are given handicaps from +0.5 and 0.5(this means Asian Handicap 0.5), +1 and 1(meaning Asian Handicap 1), +1.5 and 1.5, or this can sometimes go even higher in certain cases. The reason why the allocation of deficits to a team is done in decimal numbers is to ensure that the match ends up in either a win or loss since the possibility of a draw is usually eliminated. In a case of Asian Handicap 1.5, those who bet on the stronger team will only win if the preferred team wins by two goals. However, those who place their stakes on the underdog will win if the match ends up in a draw, the weaker team wins or ends up losing by one goal. If the weaker team can avoid being beaten by two goals, then all those who placed a bet on the team will end up winning the bet.

Are There Any Special Rules for Betting with Asian Handicap at Mobilebet?

There are no special rules that apply for betting with Asian Handicap at Mobilnet. The general rules that apply to betting in any category of betting on the website apply to Asian Handicap as it is with all online bookmakers. Explanations and instructions for Asian Handicap betting at Mobilebet The main aim of having Asian Handicap betting is to allow those who place their stakes on the underdog to win as well. Compared to straight betting where the possibility of the stronger team winning is high, the excitement of betting is significantly reduced. In any case, players can still win money even if the weaker team loses, as long as they placed their bet on the team.

Before betting on Mobilebet, players are required to create an online account. This is the account that enables users to access the betting services each time they wish to place a bet. After creating the account, players are then required to make a deposit of 10 Euros and make their bet with a minimum of 30 Euros. Afterwards, one will easily navigate the site, choose a football league or tournament of their choice and proceed to the match they would like to place their bet on.

“Stake” means the amount of money that a player chooses to place a bet. The stake is significant in that it determined the amount of money one is likely to win if the best goes their way. Although the amount that one will win is shown on the website, players will only get the amount if they win the bet that they placed. In other cases, this operator of Asian Handicap betting can refund the stake or half the stake depending on the handicaps. However, the player can also end up losing the stake.

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