Marathonbet Asian Handicap Betting is fun for lots of punters right across the United Kingdom. With this technique, punters no longer have to worry about whether a draw will occur because it is basically removed from the possible results. Traditionally, the result of a football match or most games in most other sports would be win, draw or lose. With Asian handicap bets, the result can only either be a loss or a win.

People who want to protect their bankroll find that Asian handicap betting works well for them. The nature of each bet is such that it covers two different situations, so you can actually half win your bet and make a profit on half of your stake, even if you don’t win the complete bet.

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Marathonbet’s Selection Of Bets With the Asian Handicap

Marathonbet Asian Handicap Betting offers an interesting array of choices when it comes to Asian Handicap wagers. You can usually find a handicap to meet your needs. For example, if you usually prefer working with a handicap of half a goal, you can easily find this and assign a penalty or an advantage to each team in a match as you see fit.

The Marathonbet selection available includes double split handicaps. You can also bet on total goals using the Asian Handicap. Asian Over/Under or Asian Total Goals are one of the best ways to protect your money and have a good chance to make a profit while betting on a a football match. For example, you can bet:

  • AH -2.5
  • AH +1.5
  • AH +1.0
  • O/U 2
  • O/U 1.5

Marathonbet’s Asian Handicap Odds for Betting

Marathonbet has good odds available for betting on football. Odds change with each match so when you want to bet on a particular game, visit the site about a day in advance and check out the odds, which will be displayed beside the names of the competitors.

Each handicap will have different odds associated with it, even if you are looking at different handicaps for the same match. That means that with some Asian Handicap bets, you may be able to get a bigger payout than with others.

Live Betting Via Asian Handicap Bets At Marathonbet

Marathonbet Asian Handicap Betting gives you access to a wide array of live games, involving football teams from different leagues. You can bet on other sports too. Their platform makes it easy for you to bet on live football matches as close as 2 hours away using an Asian Handicap.

The Way Marathonbet Shows Its Asian Handicap Bets

Marathonbet Asian Handicap bets are shown with a plus sign ( + ) for teams which are given a head start. Teams which are regarded as stronger and are given a penalty have a minus sign ( – ) beside their name. For example, when you go on the platform under football games available for the day and select Asian Handicaps, you might see:

Chelsea (-3.0, -3.5) Tottenham Hotspur (+0.5, +1.0) Everton (-1.0, -1.5)

The handicaps are shown this way because with the Asian handicap, your bet is split into two. This gives you a greater chance of making a profit on at least half of your money.

Marathonbet Asian Handicap Betting is easy for new players because of the support the bookmaker offers. They have a platform that is easy to navigate and you can quickly identify the Asian handicaps associated with each match that you want to place your stake on.

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Special Rules For Placing An Asian Handicap Bet At Marathonbet

Marathonbet gives competitors a specific Asian handicap and odds before the start of each match. Once you have placed your bet using those odds and a particular handicap that you think is best, you cannot change it. Asian Handicap bets are final and are decided based on the outcome of the match.

Marathonbet will add the handicap given to each team to their final score in order to determine whether the bet was profitable for the punter. In some cases, after the handicap is added to the final score, your stake may be returned to you.

For example, if you bet on Tottenham Hotspur and give them a head start of 1 by using Asian Handicap 1, you will have that added to their final score. In that case, the bookmaker will declare that you have won your bet only if Tottenham Hotspur win, lose or draw by not more than a single goal.

Placing Your Wager on Asian Handicap Bets At Marathonbet

Marathonbet is a great bookmaker for people who enjoy using Asian Handicaps. Their platform makes it easy for you to identify the range of Asian Handicaps associated with every team that you might be interested in. You can bet on a number of sports using an Asian Handicap bet. It is not just limited to football.

When you log on to the Marathonbet site, you will see all the sports available for betting on your left. You can choose live events if that is your preference. When you click on a particular sport, for example football, the games which are being played in the future will be available to you. You can narrow your search by time so if you want to bet on a match that will be played soon, you can search for matches starting within the next 2 hours.

Click on the team or game you’re interested in and view the handicaps available for the event. Marathonbet shows all the Asian Handicaps available for the team under the team’s name. Choose the handicap that you want by clicking on it. The odds will be displayed to the right of the Asian Handicap.

Once you click on the Asian Handicap that you want, the information will appear on your bet slip. The bet slip is on the top right of the page. Click on it. It will show you your stake and potential returns once you enter the amount of your stake in the space provided. Click Place Bet to save your bet.

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