Earning money through Ladbrokes Asian handicap betting is exciting. The site is easy to navigate. Ladbrokes offers you wide range of opportunities for placing bets on your favorite football team. Draw the best odds on this kind of betting and easily collect the information on latest developments that are taking place in your preferred team. Markets for football matches are numerous, especially the major European leagues and English premiership. Live streaming allows bettors to place their bets easily while taking notes of competing teams. Ladbrokes features a great layout, which makes finding different betting markets easy and quick.

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Selection of Asian Handicap Bets at Ladbrokes

At Ladbrokes, you would get a wide range of opportunities to bet on the outcome of a football match with the help of Asian handicap betting. Before a match starts, one team is awarded some points. After adjusting handicaps, bets are settled on the outcome of the gaming session.

When you have completed your selections, you need to press the ‘Bet’ button. If you wish to make changes over your selections before pressing the ‘Bet’ button, you have to click the ‘Reset’ button. When you submit your selections, you would find that your selection details have been popped up on the betting slip. In order to place a bet, you have to click on the ‘Bet’ menu. Then an array of betting options would appear. Enter the amount of bet in the spaces provided and click the ‘bet now’ button. After pressing the bet menu, you can see details of successfully placed bets.

Odds Offered at Ladbrokes Asian Handicap Bets

Asian handicap is a form of betting where the underdog is awarded some goals before the commencement of the football match. Conversely, the favorite team is handicapped or penalized with an equal number of goals in an attempt to make the ability of two teams equal for betting purpose.

The superior team has to overcome the handicapped situation. Minus sign is awarded to the superior team. The weak team is offered a head start and would have it added to its final score. Plus sign is used to place handicap bets on the underdog.

A substantial number of goals are awarded to the weak team when there is a huge difference in the abilities to compete teams. Ladbrokes offers two kinds of Asian handicap odds.

  • Single Asian Handicap Bet

In the case of single Asian handicap, the weak team is awarded one goal head start over a strong team. If you have placed bets on the underdog, you can win provided the weak team either draws or win the match. You can assign +0.5, +1.0 or +1.5 to the weak team which will be displayed as Asian handicap 0.5, Asian handicap 1 and Asian handicap 1.5 respectively.

  • Double Asian Handicap Bet

Double handicaps are deployed when a bettor wishes to spit a wager into two separate bets. These bets have equal chances of winning. Full amount is refunded when both bets win. During ‘half win’, one bet wins and other bet results in a draw.


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Does Ladbrokes Provide Asian Handicap at Live Betting?

A bettor can draw the bet in play facilities at Ladbrokes on different live football matches. Ladbrokes puts every effort to ensure that the prices announced are correct. The price might change while placing bets in a live betting session. During the time of betting, correct prices are accepted and these are used for settling the bet.

Bettors should be aware that certain live feeds, be they on radio, TV or internet are subjected to delays. Bettors may be watching a football match slightly behind or ahead of other users. This included live streaming offered by Ladbrokes. During in play betting, a delay is placed on all bets. The length of delay depends on the nature of the football match.

The Way Asian Handicap Bets are Shown at Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes provides bettors with an impressive range of football bets. The bookmaker also explains how each bet works. Special betting markets appear on those match days where big teams participate.

Ladbrokes also offers bettors the best Asian handicap bets. A bettor can place such bet on home or away. The outcomes of these bets are explained in tabular form.

If the abilities of two teams are equal, a bettor assigns 0 handicap to each team. If a bettor bets on the strong team and if the result is satisfactory, he or she wins.

A bettor has to assign positive goal values to the weak team and negative ones to the strong team. The denomination can be 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2 or 2.5. If a bettor assigns +0.5 handicap to the underdog and if that team wins, he or she would get a payout.

When a bettor assigns -1.5 goals to the strong team, in order to receive a payout, that team has to win by two or more goals.

Specific Rules of Ladbrokes Asian Handicap Betting

Asian handicap bets are placed either on the opposing team receiving a handicap on top of its actual goal score or on the preferred team for overcoming a handicap. When the abilities of two teams are equal, 0 is chosen as handicap line. If any team wins, then the bet is settled. If the match ends in a draw, stakes are refunded and bets are declared void.

If a difference occurs in abilities to two teams, then the strong team is awarded negative goals. When a whole unit like -1 is given to the favored team, that team has to earn 2 or more goals. Only then you would receive a payout.

Explanation and Instructions for Ladbrokes Asian Handicap Betting

First, you have to register at Ladbrokes. After registration, enter your password and customer ID to open the sports betting section. Click on the “Football” menu. A list of various matches would appear on the screen. Choose a match.

After you have chosen a match, click on bet types. Select “Asian handicap” menu. A new window would pop up where you can go through the details of odds. Select an odd and place your bet.

Ladbrokes allows you to place Asian handicap bets during live matches. You can draw varied option for selecting currency before placing such bets. You need to follow simple steps to place your bets. Go for Ladbrokes Asian handicap betting now.

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