Dafabet Asian Handicap Betting facilitates punters who enjoy having fewer outcomes to assess. Each game that they bet on can either end in a win or loss, since using the Asian Handicap removes the draw alternative. Each team either gets an advantage or a handicap. The advantage given to the weaker team is designed to help even the odds.

People who enjoy betting on football are some of the most ardent participants in Asian handicap betting because of all the benefits it offers to them. For one, they get additional protection from losses. Each bet covers two different possible results, so they have a chance of winning half of their bet or their whole bet.

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Several Asian Handicap Bet Choices At Dafabet

Dafabet Asian Handicap Betting helps punters with managing their risk. It gives additional protection from losses and in many cases, even if a punter does not completely win their bet, they may still win half. By choosing an Asian handicap offered at Dafabet, such as +1.75, they can make a profit on half of their stake. Other Dafabet Asian Handicap bets include:
  • AH + 1.0
  • AH -0.5
  • AH 0
  • AH +2.5

Dafabet aims to capture as much of the market for Asian handicap betting as possible. To this end, they ensure that they have many of the most popular options available for those punters who like assigning a head start to the weaker team. If you prefer thinking in terms of giving a penalty to the stronger team, they make betting easy from this angle as well.

Odds For Dafabet Punters When Betting Using An Asian Handicap

Dafabet’s odds change for punters whenever they give you the chance to bet on a match. The odds available to you for each game will depend on the game as well as the handicap used. For a match involving two teams, the odds offered in one instance will help to determine the type of payout that you get.

Since the odds affect your payout, it pays to spend time choosing the match that you will bet on with this fact in mind. Even if you have a preference for using a particular betting line with the Asian handicap, such as AH 0.5, if a situation arises where you think AH 0.75 may also give a profit and it has a higher payout, it may be more profitable to bet on that line instead.


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Live Betting Provisions At Dafabet for Wagering With An Asian Handicap

Dafabet Asian Handicap Betting is possible on live football games. When you log into your account, you can click on the football tab on your left and you will be shown all the games that Dafabet has available for you to bet on.

Asian Handicap betting gives you a big advantage since you don’t have to worry about a draw option. This is true for any other sport where points can be tallied at the end of the game. If you want to bet on any other game, just click on its tab and view the betting lines which are provided.

How Dafabet Shows Its Asian Handicap Bets

Dafabet’s format for displaying their Asian Handicap bets makes it easy for you to see which team is being given a head start. The team that has a head start will have the number of goals preceded by a plus. For example, if Chelsea is given an advantage of 1 goal, this will be shown in this way: Chelsea +1.0

When a team is given a penalty, their goals will be taken off their score at the end of the game. This means that, for example, if a team like Liverpool has a penalty of 1 goal and scores two goals, will have a final result, for betting purposes, of 2-1=1. This will be shown as: Liverpool -1.0

Rules For Making An Asian Handicap Bet At Dafabet

Dafabet does not accept any changes to bets after matches have already started. Once you choose the Asian handicap that you want to use and your stake, that will remain as is until the end of the match. When the match is over, they will evaluate the results and use those to declare your bet as a win or otherwise.

With Asian handicap bets, half wins and half losses are also possibilities. Asian handicap bets on any football games which are postponed or not completed within the designated time for some other reason will be declared void. The exception is for specific sports if the match is resumed and completed before the 48 hour expiration. Since Asian handicap betting is offered on several sports, the rules can vary a little from sport to sport.

How To Bet On A Game Using Any Asian Handicap At Dafabet

Dafabet Asian Handicap Betting gives punters the edge. Since this method only considers winning or losing as possible outcomes, bettors do not have to worry about a draw. That means that when you visit the site and see a game that you are interested in, you only need to think about the relative strength of the teams and how much of a goal advantage you would like to give the weaker team.

You must create a Dafabet account if you do not already have one. You cannot bet without it. Before betting, you must ensure that your account has the funds needed. A deposit can easily be made by clicking on the box on your left on the home page. Once this is done, you can click on the market you want to bet on.

All sports are on the left of your home page. View the Asian Handicaps and odds which are being offered for each game. You may find that the odds associated with some handicaps are better for your strategy. Click on the price associated with the Asian Handicap that interests you. The bet slip will appear and you can enter your bet in the space provided. Click Process Bet to save your bet.

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