Bwin Asian Handicap Betting is not currently available to punters. Punters will find that Bwin offers several good betting options and offers other types of handicaps in quite a wide number of sports. Many bettors in the United Kingdom enjoy using handicap offers at Bwin as part of their overall risk management strategy.

The Asian handicap removes the draw, in practise, from the outcomes which are possible for a football match, tennis game or a game in any sport where points can be tallied. It also gives an advantage to the team which is considered weaker and a penalty to the stronger competitor. These moves serve to even the odds between the teams and open up a wide range of betting moves for punters.

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Reasons Why Bwin Doesn’t Offer Asian Handicap In Its Portfolio

The Asian Handicap is very popular in Indonesia and in several others parts of Asia. It has become increasingly popular among UK punters because of the versatility it offers them when they are placing bets. You can win all of your bet or even win a half and still make a profit. For this reason, more bookies have started offering it.

Bwin has not yet made the Asian Handicap available to their clients. While bettors enjoy increased odds of winning when they use any Asian Handicap to place a bet, bookmakers don’t make as much off each bet as they would with a traditional bet.

Bwin Asian Handicap Betting may become an option when punters ask for it often enough. Bettors like it since they can make a lot of money. However, the bookmaker may avoid offering complex handicaps because they don’t make enough money on those for them to be a profitable option. Bookmakers are in the business to make money. While Bwin has an overall name for being fair, if they don’t feel that offering a bet is profitable for them, they will not make it available on their platform.

Alternative Normal (European) Handicap Betting At Bwin

Whenever there seems to be a huge disparity between teams, punters have the advantage of giving a head start to one of the teams. This is what is done with European Handicap betting. Bwin does not provide any Asian Handicap lines for betting as yet. However, they do provide other handicaps and the odds that they have available on these are very good.

Bwin offers the traditional European Handicap. So, for example, in a game with Chelsea versus Tottenham Hotspurs, if Chelsea is regarded as the weaker team, they might be given a 2 goal advantage. These 2 goals will be added to their score when the match is over. If they actually score 2 goals as well, for betting purposes, their final score would be regarded as 2+2= 4 goals.

In fact, Bwin’s odds on European Handicaps are better than their odds on many other types of bets that they offer. Punters with accounts at other bookmakers may notice that their odds on handicap bets are some of the best in the entire industry.


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How The Range of European Handicap Betting Options at Bwin Compares With The Industry

Bwin has a range of European betting options that serves to attract punters from all over the United kingdom. In fact, quite a few punters go to Bwin just for their handicap bets. Their odds are far better than many others in the industry.

Bwin may offer Asian handicap bets in the future, like most bookmakers. Until then, punters might like going to them for European Handicap bets because they don’t slash their odds as quickly as some other bookies. Overall, the prices that they offer on handicap bets are quite good and surpass those of many competitors in the industry.

They offer more than 90 different sports for you to place your stake on. If you have a favourite sport that you like to bet on, you can choose it from the options available on your left when you log in to your account. If you are betting on football, you would select the match that interests you. The handicaps are clearly displayed under each team.

The odds for each European Handicap are not the same so you have to keep that in mind when you are placing your bet. Each handicap that you choose must be selected based on how well you think they team will do as well as how much you might earn if your wager goes as you expect.

The most common European handicaps are usually available for the sports that you want to place a stake on, whether you are betting on a live game or otherwise. For example, you can use one of the following to give a goal advantage to a weaker team: 0:1 0:2 0:3

Bwin and European Handicap Bets at Live Betting

Bwin provides European Handicap bets at Live Betting. This bookmaker has offered live betting for several years. If you like using European Handicap bets, you will find that their platform and the odds that they offer are designed with you in mind.

For quite a long time, they have been regarded as the standard for the live betting industry. The software that you use to place handicap bets is easy to use and even if you are fairly new to the industry, you will find it easy to choose a game and evaluate the odds available with different wagers.

If you like using the European Handicap on football, you may want to consider trying their other events as well. Live betting is available on several other popular sports, including tennis and rugby. You will find options for betting on live games regionally and internationally.

If you like live betting, you can choose a European Handicap from any computer that you want to use. You can log in from anywhere in order to place your bet. You can also use your tablet or mobile phone when you want to place a wager using a European Handicap on a live game.

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