Betway, a full gambling portal offering Casino, Poker and Games, including Asian Handicap, is owned by Carmen Media Group Ltd. It went online in 2002. It has one of the simplest websites among the online bookmakers, but doesn’t mean it offers less than the others. Everything a player needs to place a bet is a click or two away.

Betway offers Asian Handicap Betting. Asian Handicap betting is slightly different from the conventional method of fixed odds betting and predicting whether the outcome of football fixtures will be a home win, away win or draw. With the normal football method, it is easy to work out if you’ve worn or not. But selection is different in Asian Handicap betting.

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What Is the Selection Of Asian Handicap Bets at Betway?

Asian Handicap is a betting option that creates a more level betting environment between two teams, with one team having an upper hand in the game. It gives a “handicap” to the teams before the start of the game. A goal deficit is given to the favorite team (the team more likely to win) and a head start to the underdog team (the team less favored to win).

Some online bookmakers offer selection for only two possible calls: a win, either for the Home Team or the Away team. The possibility for a draw is eliminated. The removal of a possibility of a draw is as an alternative call for use as a ‘hedging’ technique. The following are the selections of Asian Handicap at Betway.

  •  The Asian Handicap 1 With the 1 handicap selection, your team needs to win by at least 2 clear goals for your bet to win. The stake is refunded if your team wins by only one goal. If you choose a team with a one goal lead, you win if they draw or win. The stake is refunded if the team lose by one goal. The 1 handicap selection is the one to go with if you fancy an underdog for a win.
  • The Asian Handicap 0 This is a selection for teams that are evenly matched. You are not allowed to bet on a draw but you bet on a team to win. The stake is refunded if the match finishes in a draw. You win the bet if the selection wins. You lose the bet if the selection loses.
  • The Asian Handicap 1.5 This selection allows you to win if the team you’ve betted on wins the match by two or more goals. If you select a team with a +1.5 start, you win if the team wins or draws. You also win if the team loses by one goal.
  • The Asian Handicap 0.5 This selection gets 0.5 more to the sum. You win the bet if your handicap wins. You lose the bet if your handicap loses or draws.

What Are the Asian Handicap Betting Odds in Betway?

Betway is a little bit below average on odds with a 92% back payment The odds on offer are not 1 for 1, like when betting on red or black on the roulette table, but slightly reduced. The odds are very similar to those when playing on a roulette table having 2 zeros instead of the 1-zero European table.


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Does Betway Provide Asian Handicap Bets at Live Betting?

Yes. It is quite normal for a bookie to have a live betting section, but not all have appropriate ones. Betway on the other hand has a really nice live betting system offering some selection of matches. Their live betting section is easy to understand; you can swipe between the different matches. They have a really good special selection betting as well.

Asian Handicap at Betway

Betway shows the best coverage on the English Premier League, but also covers major European football markets pretty well, including Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A football games. Betway website is wonderful. It not only looks good but is also easy to navigate, has lots of betting features and placing your bets is pretty straightforward. Betway also offers mobile betting option. It is one of the best; an indication a lot of time and resource was taken in building it.

Are There Any Special Rules For Betting With Asian Handicap At Betway?

Yes, for live in-running bets. For example, all scores, corners, timing etc. information is for display purposes only and not to be used as basis for settlement. Betway accepts no responsibility for appropriateness of this information.

Explanation and Instructions for Asian Handicap betting at Betway

Betway Asian Handicap is structured around the relative strengths of the two competing sides; always expressed in terms of goal superiority. The selection handicap is described as level for two equally matched teams (joint favorites to win). To win on the basis of this handicap, you simply must pick on the team that will score most goals. The stakes are returned to you if the match is a draw.

The goal/no goal handicap at Betway is for both teams to score for the “goal” selection and both teams not to score for the “no goal” selection.

For bookings, betting involves whether the overall booking points in the match are under, between or over a specific middle band. Point are awarded as follows: 25 points for a red card and 10 points for a yellow card. The highest makeup is 2 yellows and therefore a red.

Any goal scored in injury time in the first half will be counted as 45 minutes and any goal scored in injury time in the second half will be counted as 90 minute. To select a bet you click on the respective odds; your bets will then be add to your bet slip. You are then at liberty to add as many selections to your bet slip by applying the same process.

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