You can win some big prizes by deploying BetVictor Asian handicap betting strategies while watching your favorite football match. The sports betting company was floated by Victor Chandler in 1975. Chandler was the major player in the British betting scene to shift his bookmaking business offshore. BetVictor’s rich years of experience has allowed it to emerge as the preferred brand among Asian handicap bettors.

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Selection of BetVictor Asian Handicap Bets

BetVictor offers various kinds of Asian handicap bets to bettors for winning fabulous prizes. Asian handicaps are new types of bets and these are offered on football matches only. In this kind of betting, the draw is taken out of the match and a competitive market is formed. Rather than deciding between away, draw and home, a bettor simply decides about the team, which is best for placing bets.

At BetVictor, you can use the following Asian handicap bets for winning a game.
  • 0 Asian Handicap

0 Asian handicap, also known as Draw no Bet takes place when the either team has fair chances of winning the match. In this situation, you are betting without the draw being an option. If the match ends in a draw, your betting amount would be refunded. If your selected team wins, you win your bet.

  • 1 Asian Handicap

If you assign -1 goal to the strong team, then that team has to score at least two goals for your bet to win.

Various BetVictor Asian Handicap Betting Odds

BetVictor offers great Asian handicap betting odds to place bets on a football match. The average rate paid on profits is around 92.5%. Three kinds of Asian handicap odds are offered at BetVictor. They are whole ball handicap, half ball handicaps and split ball handicaps.

In the case of whole ball handicap, the handicap is applied to the final outcome of a football match. The team, which has scored more goals is declared the winner after the assigning of handicap. If both teams have scored an equal number of goals, it would result into push and stakes would be returned.

Half ball handicaps come in denominations like -0.5, -1.5 or -2.5. The handicap is applied to the final outcome of the football match. The team scoring maximum goals is announced as the winner. For example, you have assigned +1.5 goals to the weak team and -1.5 goals to the strong team. If the strong team scores two or more goals, all bets placed on that team would win. If the strong team scores one goal, the match ends in a draw and the bets placed on the weak team would win.

Split bet handicaps are assigned in formats like (-1,-1.5), (-0.5, -1) or (-0, -0.5). Here, the level of favoritism varies between a whole ball and a half ball. The bet is split equally between half ball and whole ball handicaps. For example, team A is assigned -1 and -1.5 goals and team B has been assigned 1 and 1.5 goals. When you place £100 bet on team A, the bet is split into two £50 bets. The second bet is applied on half ball handicap (-1.5) and the first bet is placed on whole handicap (-1). If team A scores two or more goals, then all bets placed on that team would be winners.


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Does BetVictor Provide Asian Handicap at Live Betting?

In keeping with rest of the website, the Live Betting section has been structured neatly. The bookmaker has put substantial efforts for designing the layout markets and match data. For each football match, the graphic has been themed nicely. The in-play section is a dynamic offering where the Asian handicap odds update quickly and you feel the part of sporting experience instantly. Your betting experience would be redefined when you listen to the sound effects. When you compare the market range for soccer with other bookmakers, you would find that BetVictor offers limited selections. Overall, the live betting offering is impressive.

The Way Asian Handicap Bets are Shown at BetVictor

Navigating the Asian betting odds at BetVictor is not a challenging. The Asian handicap markets have been displayed in tabular form. The bookmaker covers football matches that are played in the UK, South America, Australia, Africa, Asia and rest parts of the world. The details of contending teams are available at the betting section. The value of Asian handicap bets is displayed in the table. Based on your choice, you can pick any of the following bets like whole ball handicap, half ball handicap, etc.

Rules of Betting with Asian Handicap

When you place BetVictor Asian Handicap bets, you need to preview the past performances of contending teams, as you should with all bookmakers, by the way. Then, it becomes easy for you to choose the type of bet. If you find that the teams have equal chances of winning the match, you should place the 0 Asian handicap. If you find that the teams have different capabilities, you can go for double handicap bet. This bet is also known as level half Asian handicap. Here, -.2.5 handicap is split into 0 and -0.5 and +0.25 is split into 0 and 0.5. When you bet on the team having 0 and -0.5 handicaps and if it wins, you would receive a payout.

Explanation and Instruction for Asian Handicap Betting at BetVictor

In order to place Asian handicap bets at BetVictor, you need to follow certain rules. First, you need to register with BetVictor. After you have opened the betting account, you have to go the football market section and select the match on which you would place bets. Then you have to click at the betting option. A new window would appear. Select Asian handicap bet. Click at the odd of your preferred team. Then you have to enter the betting amount. The amount would be shown under the “bet slip” menu, which is located at the right-hand corner of the screen. Once you have decided the betting amount, click the “place bets now” button.

BetVictor Asian Handicap bets allow you to win money while watching your favorite football match. The sign-up process is simple. Register at BetVictor today.

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