Betfred Asian Handicap Betting offers numerous advantages to punters in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. The Asian handicap almost removes the possibility of a draw from the bet results. With this, your chances of having the outcome you want for any football game increase from 33% to 50%. This is one reason why this type of handicap has become so popular over the years.

A Betfred Asian Handicap can help you to make more profit on your bets. Asian Handicaps offer increased protection against a match going in a direction that you didn’t predict. When a handicap is used wisely, you can lower the possibility of losing your wager. Betfred offers several lines for you to choose from when you are placing a bet.

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Betfred’s Range Of Asian Handicap Bets

Betfred Asian Handicap Betting easily surpasses some other betting techniques for some punters. They prefer utilising the Asian handicap to other strategies because it helps to protect them from losses. With the Asian handicap, they have a possibility of getting back at least half of their stake with some lines.

Betfred Asian Handicap Betting gives punters a higher chance of winning their bet, simply because they don’t have to contend with a draw. Since they decide between a win or a loss, their chances of being correct are 1 in 2. This casino offers many interesting lines for that you may benefit from whenever you are betting on football. They include:

  • AH -1.5
  • AH -2.0
  • AH 1.5
  • AH 2.0
  • AH 0.5
  • AH 0
  • AH 2.5

Betfred’s Asian Handicap Betting Odds

Betfred has a good selection of Asian betting lines to suit the needs of their clients. With each line, the odds vary depending on the the match. For example, if you are betting on a match involving Arsenal and Manchester United with AH 2.0, the odds offered by Betfred will be different from those offered on a match involving Chelsea and Liverpool with AH 2.0.

Whenever you decide to place a stake on a match, you will have to evaluate your odds of winning in that situation. Betfred may sometimes pay out a little more on lines that are not as common. For example, the payout on AH 0.5 may be a little lower than the payout on AH -2.0. Even if you like a particular team and a particular line, it may be beneficial to you to experiment with a new line if you think you have a greater payout.


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Live Betting At Betfred and The Asian Handicap

Punters who enjoy live betting will be pleased to know that this is offered at Betfred. You can place a thoughtful wager on a number of live events, including football. You have to be logged in to your account in order to watch their live streams.

How Betfred Displays Asian Handicap Bets

Betfred shows each Asian handicap bet using a format that is fairly easy to follow. Teams that are given an advantage are shown with a positive number of goals while those given a penalty are displayed with a negative number of goals. For example, if you are betting using the Asian handicap on a team that has a handicap of 2 goals, this will be shown as AH -2.0.

Betfred’s Special Rules For Wagering With An Asian Handicap

Betfred, like all other online bookmakers, does have a few rules which apply specifically to punters who are using the Asian Handicap as part of their strategy. Your bet must be placed at the beginning of the game and once this is done, it cannot be changed.

At Betfred, you can wager on a full time result. In this case, the number of goals after the first 90 minutes and any extra time will help to decide the result of the match. Betfred will use the outcome of the match to decide whether your wager has been won or lost. If the match is abandoned your bet will be voided.

Betfred also offers punters the opportunity to bet on half time results. In this case, the results of the game at half time will be used to determine whether your bet made using the Asian Handicap has been won or lost. You can also bet on both the half time and full time result. The bookmaker will add each team’s handicap to their results at half time or full time as the case may be, in order to determine whether your bet has been won.

How To Bet With An Asian Handicap At Betfred

Bettors who have an account at Betfred and want to place a wager using the Asian Handicap must decide which game they want to bet on. There are always several live games that you can watch and bet on via Your bet slip is displayed to the top right of your screen and will show the details of your bet.

Bettors can bet on any game. After they indicate this on their bet slip, they will need to decide which handicap they want to use. For example, you could give a team a head start of 1 goal or give a team a handicap of half a goal. It’s all up to you and what handicap you think will give you the result you are expecting in the game.

The Asian handicap gives the weaker team a head start. It gives the stronger team a penalty. This helps to even things up between the two teams. There is virtually no option for a draw when you are using an Asian Handicap. This is basically removed so all you have to do is decide whether you think your favourite team will beat the other team.

If you think that one team has an advantage over the other, decide how many goals you think would help to eliminate that advantage. With the Asian Handicap, you would give those goals to the weaker team. On your bet slip, the Asian handicap that you are using would be clearly displayed once you select it.

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