Betfair Asian Handicap Betting is one of most popular ways to wager on football match outcomes online, with both teams awarded a goal handicap or advantage before the game begins. Asian Handicap bets are designed to make football match betting more interesting, and can provide more lucrative returns than betting on simple to-win outcomes. Matches aren’t limited to just one handicap, broadening the prize breakdown with outright wins, 50% wins and 50% returns on wagers. Betfair offers players the chance to see all handicap lines at once onscreen, with highlighted goal lines and dynamic updates for up-to-the-minute odds.

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Betting with Asian Handicaps at Betfair

With Asian Handicap Betting, no match outcome is a foregone conclusion. Designed to make football betting more interesting, it can provide both a safer way of wagering on matches, and bring in more lucrative returns on betting on the triumphant team than a simple to-win bet. Betfair’s one of the premier online bookmakers for sports and football betting, with competitive odds and a diverse selection of half, quarter and handicap goal betting across Premier League, Championship and European football league matches.

Typical Odds for Asian Handicap Betting

At Betfair, a typical football match with applied Asian Handicap might look something like this: TEAM A vs TEAM B -2,5. If a bet is placed on TEAM B to win with a -2,5 handicap, they’ll need to win by at least 3 goals for a full return on the bet. In another example, if you back TEAM A at a handicap of -1.0 and they win the game 2-1, the handicap has been balanced out and the wager is returned in full. Even though they’re more lucrative than outright win bets, Asian Handicap wagers offer a relatively low return per bet. Odds are generally short, in the region of 1.80-2.00, although higher handicaps (plus, or minus) and combination bets can yield much healthier returns.


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Asian Handicaps & Live Betting at Betfair

The good news for football fans is that Asian Handicap can be used and cashed out in-play. When opting for live betting, players place a wager on goals amounted during the remaining minutes of player, and not the entire match outcome itself. Asian Handicap odds can change dramatically during the length of a game making live betting a great way for savvy gamblers to earn the best returns on the longest odds for big profit.

Odds & Bets Display at Betfair

Odds are displayed against games and handicaps, and written as ‘1.75’, ‘1.80’, ‘2.02’ etc. Players will also see the total amount in £ (GBP) available to win for each bet in the same window. Each team’s handicap is clearly displayed as a plus or minus. Potential winnings on the overall bet are displayed alongside the latest odds on match goal outcomes, ideal for those chasing longer, more lucrative odds with live, in-play betting.

Rules of Play at Betfair

Betfair’s one of the most established sports betting sites on the web, and offers one of the wider selections of leagues, championships and football divisions to wager on. Those looking for longer odds on higher goal finishes will find a half and quarter ball handicaps of 4 goals or more for bigger returns. Offering one of the safest ways to wager on football outcomes, Betfair lets users play with handicaps on even the most matched and even odds. For Premiership face-offs with relatively 50/50 odds of a win to either team, placing a Draw no Bet bet is a surefire way of seeing your stakes back if the game outcome is a draw.

Explanations & Instructions for Playing Asian Handicaps at Betfair

For newcomers to the world of football betting, Asian Handicaps can be daunting. In simple terms, players must wager on their winning team overcoming the goal handicap applied to them before the match. If a second handicap is placed on the opposing team, this means further adjustment of the final score. It can be tempting to chase the bigger payouts of longer odds, but the best way to a serious residual income from Asian Handicap betting is to play it safe, only wagering on more specific outcomes when you’re confident you’ve done your homework.

Most football games finish with a final ball tally of 2.5 goals, therefore you’ll want to be betting on a winning outcome with a relatively low goal total. Season performance and match statistics should also be studied for both teams to get a clear idea of the likely outcome. It’s recommended the previous 3 games played by either team be checked for goal outcomes. The top-performing Premier League teams tend to score less than 3 goals total per 90 minutes when pitted against each other, making these match-ups a reliable way to bet.

If you’re looking to take advantage of longer odds, combination handicaps applied to both teams can increase potential returns. Exploring betting options on First and Second Division UK teams, along with European Premier Leagues also gives players a greater range of odds to wager on. German Premier League teams are some of the highest scoring in Europe, so higher score handicap bets on German League fixtures a worthwhile venture. By comparison, French teams tend to score relatively less goals per match, so the French football leagues offer plenty of safe bets for Under Handicap betting.

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