Bet9ja is one of the biggest betting sites in Nigeria. Although Asian Handicap is not offered at Bet9ja, there is a wide range of betting options such as match winner, over/under betting, correct score, halftime/fulltime and European handicap betting just to mention but a few. Bet9ja handicap betting is a form of betting offered by Bet9ja on football matches whereby a player predicts the result of a match by adding point/goals to one team before the match actually starts. This is done to try and level the playing field between a competing underdog and a favourite. In betting option, one team is given a head start by a given number of goals.

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What Is The Selection of European Handicap Bets At Bet9ja?

European handicap is a version of handicapping which applies to football. Through handicap, bookmakers provide players with more advanced betting options and better betting odds on football matches. In bet9ja, European handicap means giving the weaker team a match head start. This means that the stronger team must win with a predicted difference in goals/points. Basically, handicap betting offers the weaker team a lead by a certain number of goals before the kickoff. In a typical match, the result would be a win, a draw or a loss. With this option, betting a draw is no longer an option. Instead, the handicap allows the players to add goals to a match before the actual kick off so that there are no draws. The goals added to a team will be used to determine the final result of the match.While a one-goal handicap can lead to an even result in a match, making a handicap drawn in, for example, a -1 handicap on a team winning 1-0; in handicapping, this is known as a push. This means that the player gets refunded their stake.

What Are The Handicap Betting Odds In Bet9ja?

Betting odds on handicap are a little bit improved odds. If the favourite team to win a particular match is given very low odds, a punter can go for handicap betting for better and improved odds. In a case where the favourite team is given very low odds, a player could choose to give the other team a match head start of one or two goals. In this case, the odds are better and improved; the favourite team must win with a goal difference of one or two goals for the player to win the bet. In bet9ja, betting odds on handicapping are very attractive and most punters usually go for them. Odds are usually in the region of 1.80-2.00, although higher handicaps (plus, or minus) and combination bets can yield much healthier returns.

Does Bet9ja Provide European Handicap Bets At Live Betting?

On live betting, bet9ja is one of the best bookmakers since it provides a lot of live betting options to the players. Apart from under/over betting, bet9ja also allows this option of betting on live matches. Handicap betting on live matches is a great plus for Bet9ja as players are given the chance to place a handicap bet on an already started match. The general format of Bet9ja handicap live betting options is as follows; handicap (away – 1), handicap (away -2) or handicap (home -1), handicap (home-2). The handicap betting options sometimes vary from match to match but at least the option is available on all live matches.

The Way Handicap Bets Are Shown At Bet9ja

Bet9ja also provides quite a wide range of options regarding the handicap betting. Bet9ja goes to the extent of giving its customers with an option of placing handicap bets on the different halves of the game. In bet9ja it is possible to place a handicap bet on first half match result or on the second half match result. The best options are shown under a tab “Handicap” on bet9ja as follows; (1:0)1H, (1:0) X, (0:1)1H. In this case, the handicap bet only applies to the full-time match result where the home team is given a head start while (0:1)2H, (0:1) X, (1:0)2H the bet applies to full-time match results but he head start is on away team. This is generally how the handicap bets are shown at bet9ja. However, the handicap is not limited to just a single goal. It goes up to three or more goals, especially on live betting.

Are There Any Special Rules For Betting With European Handicap At Bet9ja?

First of all, when placing a live handicap bet on bet9ja all the live betting terms and conditions must be clearly adhered to. These terms include accepting change in odds and waiting for the time required before a live bet is accepted, often referred to as a technical delay. The general rules, terms, and conditions apply at bet9ja handicap betting as it applies to other kinds of bets. There are no special rules regarding this betting option on bet9ja.

Explanation and Instructions For European Handicap Betting At Bet9ja

When wagering for a handicap bet, it is not possible to bet on a draw. Bet9ja provides the most extensive options of betting on handicap betting as it is possible to place a handicap bet based on one half match results only at bet9ja. Handicap betting at bet9ja is categorized into; classic, integer, and fractional handicap. Just a brief explanation, 1H (0:1) means that the home team has to win the match with two or more goals. X H (0:1) home team has to win the match with one goal difference. 2 H (0:1) means that the away team has to the win the match or draw. This goes on up to three goals handicap which means that the other team has to win with four or more goals. This option of betting is closely similar to over/under betting as both options focus on predicting the number of goals that a match will result in. Instead of betting on the exact number of goals, correct score or over/under a certain number of goals, handicap is a better betting option and the option has better odds and higher winning chances. In live betting, the handicap could get as many goals as the goals scored in a particular match. This means that the handicap betting options changes as goals are scored in a live match. This is even better because if a player is watching a match they can more often than not, predict the team to score more goals.

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