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Asian Handicap is one of the most popular ways of betting on football and bet365 certainly delivers a fantastic experience for me when it comes to Asian Handicap betting. Asian Handicap, or as it is more commonly known – AH, originated from countries from Far East Asia, but today it is taking Europe by storm. It has become very popular with European consumers because it offers great value to the bettor and is potentially less risky than conventional “Win-Draw-Win” method of betting. You either select the favoured team to overcome a handicap or oppose the favourite team with the handicap.

I will now share some of my thoughts and experiences, with some explanations, from Asian Handicap betting with bet365.

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How I Found the Choice of Asian Handicap Bets at bet365?

Selecting Asian Handicap bets at bet365 can be done in a variety of ways, but in general, it is when one team, usually the weaker one, is given “points” or “goals” head-start in a match, by the bookmakers.

I found the following choices of Asian Handicap bets at bet365 which I have tried to describe in my own words:

  • Full Goal Asian Handicaps

To look at full goal Asian Handicaps, let’s look at, for example, Chelsea vs. Watford match in an FA Cup match. Chelsea is the stronger team thus can be handicapped. So Chelsea can start the game with a deficit of 2 goals or Watford can be taken at +2 goals.

  • Level-Ball Asian Handicap

This is a selection where a team’s name is given a zero when making a bet. A level-ball Asian Handicap is essentially a “Draw No Bet” option. Meaning a win for the team you placed a zero will pay out the odds. A draw will refund your stake. A loss will, of course, give you nothing back.

  • Half and Quarter Goals

This selection may look a little bit daunting at the start to most of us but truely it is not. No team, of course, scores a half goal or a quarter goal, but it is a means to cut out the event of a “push” or a “tie” when it comes to wagers. Asian Handicap betting uses these fractions and they can be played to great effect.

My Perception of the Asian Handicap Betting Odds at bet365

I found the Asian Handicap betting odds at bet365 to be the standard Home, Draw and Away. The bookie also provided the chance to bet on a match in which teams are badly mismatched. I believe that bet365 offers some of the best odds on football betting and you may also find the highest odds available against their competitors in the very competitive markets. I also like the fact that you can choose between American odds, fractional or the decimal odds format, myself personally I tend to keep to the old school fractional odds.


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My Opinion on In-Play Betting for Asian Handicap Bets at bet365

Yes. I found that bet365 offers in play betting for Asian Handicap, covering the most popular football leagues in the world and even some that I was unfamiliar with. I found it easy to place a bet I simply chose the bet365 Betting Live-in option to place an Asian Handicap bet. When betting live at Asian Handicap, you are betting only on the remainder of the match. Meaning any previous goals scored in the match are irrelevant for the outcome of your bet. The outcome of your bet is determined only by the goals scored (if any) after you place your bet.

My Thoughts and Explanations on How the Asian Handicap Bets are Presented at bet365

  • For Full Goal Asian Handicaps

For a win by exactly 1, all bets on this selection are shown as void and refunded to the customer. For 2 or more win, all bets on this selection are shown as winners. For a draw or lose, all bets on this selection are shown as losers.

  • Level Ball Asian Handicaps

In the event either team wins by any margin, the winning team is to be settled as the winning selection. In the event of a draw, all bets are void and stakes are refunded

  • Half and Quarter Balls
  1. A Team giving a quarter ball start – For quarter match betting, a win by any score will show all bets in this selection as winners. A draw will show all stakes refunded on the selection and the other half of the stake is classed as a loser. A lose by any score means all bets on the selection are shown as losers.
  2. A Team receiving a quarter ball start – For a win by any score, all bets on the selection will be shown as winners. For a draw, half the stake is settled at the price of the chosen selection and the other half is refunded by the customer. For a lose by any score, all bets on the selection are shown as losers.
  3. A Team giving a half ball start – For a win by any score, all bets are shown on the selection as winners. For a draw, all bets are shown on the selection as losers. And a lose by any score shows all bets on the selection as losers.
  4. A Team receiving a half ball start – For a win by a score, all bets on the selection are shown as winners. For a draw, all bets on the selection are shown as losers. While a loss by any score shows all bets on the selection as losers.

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What did I Learn From Asian Handicap Betting at bet 365?

I found Asian Handicap betting at bet365, straightforward with no special rules or requirements specific to the bookie.

An Idiot’s Guide to Asian Handicap betting at bet365, How I did it

The purpose of having a Handicap in a football match is to level the playing field in terms of betting at online bookmakers. You won’t have much fun laying a straight bet on an underdog since they hardly pull off big wins but with Asian Handicap betting, you can bet on the underdog and still win money, even if they lose.

I was already a member of the bet365 fraternity but for newcomers you must register an account with bet365. Once you have an account Then enter your username and password and click “GO” to login. Place a bet on a football match by clicking on “Soccer” from the menu on the left-hand side, then select the type of match you would like to place a bet on. For example, I chose A Premiership match but you can choose a “UEFA Europa League” match.

When I started I found a “Full Time Result” one of the easiest bet types to understand. A full time result bet means you pick on a team which you think will either win or draw. You then click on the odds. After the clicking on the odds that you would like to place a bet on, your bet selection will appear under “Bet Slip” in the upper right-hand side of the page.

“Stake” this refers to the amount of money you chose to bet on. Once you enter the amount, the profit you would win from the bet is shown automatically in the “To Win” column. “To Win” means the amount of money you would like to win on a bet. Placing this amount would show the amount (in the “Stake” column) that you need to place on the bet. Remember the “To Win” amount is only yours if the bet you placed wins.

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