Players can earn money at 32Red Sport with Asian Handicap betting. This kind of sport betting allows punters to decide whether it is a win for their team or not. In other words, the team has to overcome the handicap so that the punter can realise profit. Asian handicap betting is mostly used for betting on events on football. Asian Handicap betting also includes rugby, hockey, horse racing, and greyhounds among others. The handicap is valued as from quarter goal. When a player wins one turn, the size of the bet is increased by quarter or half goal. This form of betting reduces the possible results from three to two by reducing the draw outcome.

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Selection of Asian Handicap Bets at 32Red Sport

In 32Red Sport, a punter has a fair probability of winning a game by using Asian handicap bets. This kind of betting offers an opportunity to the bettor to find more value while supporting a heavy favourite unlike the traditional 1×2 betting formula.

Football handicap betting disqualifies the probabilities of losing in case a football match closes in with a draw. This betting system the teams that are handicapped to compensate for their perceived differences in their abilities. A player can utilise the handicap by carefully analysing the goal superiority of getting rid of a draw.

The three types of Asian handicap bets include:

Level Handicap

A level handicap, Asian Handicap 0 provides a scenario where when a perceived difference become inexistent between the teams. The bettor only wins when he or she identifies the team which will score more goals. When there is a draw, all the bets are usually refunded.

Single Handicap

A single handicap occurs when the perceived difference is evident in the abilities of the teams involved. The favourite team is given an appropriate goal handicap to have a fair chance with bets such as -1.5 goal, -0.5 goal, -1.5 goal and so on.

Split Handicap

A split handicap is evident whenever the perceived difference of abilities of the teams is small. In such a situation, you can split your bet into two handicaps. In case you assign 0 and -0.5 to your team and it loses, you will lose your bets. However, if the game winds up in a draw, then you will be refunded half of the stake you placed on the bet.

What are the Asian Handicap betting odds in 32Red Sport?

The main objective of Asian handicap betting is to eliminate the draw outcome. The probability of each outcome stands at 33% when a punter places a standard bet.

Asian handicap betting offers the loser of the game an early lead before the match kicks off. You have the priority of betting on home or away. Just a goal can turn things round favourably or terribly wrong. 32Red Sport offers quite a number of Asian handicap odds.

Asian Handicap 0.75

With this odd, the draw option is eliminated and the loser team is usually advanced by a quarter a goal before the game starts. The game usually starts with 0-3/4.

Asian Handicap 0.5

With this, the underdog team starts with half a goal ahead, and the draw option is eliminated. This betting odd gives no refund for any outcome.

Asian Handicap 0.25

This odds are designed in a way that if a punter loses the bet, he loses half of his stake and if he win you get half your betting amount. The football match kicks off with 0-1/4. The loser team starts with a quarter goal before the match starts.

Asian Handicap 0

With this odd, the game starts with 0-0. Therefore, there is no team with an advance before the beginning of the match. The draw is eliminated. Additionally, the betting odds here stand at 1.90 for home and the away odds is 1.95.


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32Red Sport Asian Handicap bets at Live Betting

32Red Sport Asian handicap offers odds on the higher end. The odds in an even match are -1.98, 1.98, -1.952, 1.952, etc. This platform offers a great Asian handicap at their live betting.

The lower margins of 32Red Sport make it more attractive than other sports books. You can have the best odds for the great football matches, Premier League, Bundesliga, Series A, and Spanish Primera at a 2% margin.

The way Asian Handicap bets are shown at 32Red Sport

32Red Sport offers a comprehensive explanation of Asian handicap bets to help punters make their decision backed with a few statistics. On their webpage, they have clearly outlined the number of times a team has outshined its handicap.

It just offers an idea of some of the team’s most recent wins. You will even realise that a team that has recorded poor results but won their last match would appear at the top of a team that has recorded a series of wins but lost the last match.

Specific Rules of Betting with 32Red Asian Handicap

32Red Sport has as a rule that bettors have to follow certain Asian Handicap rules before placing a bet. The winners and winners are then decided only when the game has at least attained 55 minutes play time.

In case the game is suspended before the 55 minutes and does not resume within that day, then it will be treated as no action and the money will be refunded to bettors. On the other hand, if the game is suspended after the 55 minutes and fails to resume within the same day, then the results obtained before the suspension will be used to determine the winner. Additionally, the bets placed within the second half will include the overtime goals.

Explanation and Instructions for Asian Handicap Betting

This kind of betting applies to football matches. You have an option of betting on the number of goals or the outcome of the game. In case you assign -1 handicap on a particular team, you will only win when the team scores two or more goals. You can also wager a double handicap bet where you can assign +0.5 and +1 to a team. If your team wins, then you get half of your betting amount.

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