12bet Asian Handicap Betting is a good option for bettors who are looking for bookmakers who offer more flexibility when it comes to sports wagers. The Asian Handicap option which is available through 12bet eliminates the possibility of a draw which is usually present in football betting. This means that you have a higher chance of being successful with your wager.

The Asian handicap is decided at the start of each game and improves the odds significantly for punters. 12bet Asian Handicap Betting gives an advantage to the weaker team and a handicap to the stronger team in a football game. By doing this, the odds are evened up and more betting opportunities are created for punters.

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The Selection of Asian Handicap Bets at 12bet

12bet Asian Handicap Betting evens up the odds between two opposing teams in a football match. Asian Handicap adds an advantage to the weaker team and gives the stronger team a handicap. The positive and negative points are applied to the respective teams at the end of the match or at half time, depending on what type of bet you made at the beginning of the match.

Punters who use 12bet Asian Handicap Betting have many different lines to choose from. This means that they can always pick one that they are familiar with or one that gives them the most returns if they win. There are usually different odds assigned to each Asian handicap which is available at 12bet so you should always choose wisely.

You have a wider range of options available with 12bet Asian Handicap Betting than with some other bookmakers. In fact, the bets that you can make include the following:

  • AH 1.5
  • AH -1.5
  • AH 0
  • AH 0.5
  • AH -0.5
  • AH 2.0
  • AH 2.5
  • AH -2.5

You can make almost any bet that you would want to using an Asian handicap. The one you choose will depend on what you think the outcome of the match will be. If you are betting on a match involving Newcastle and Manchester United, for example, and think that there is a likelihood that the goal difference between them at the end may only be 1, you have to be careful of the handicap that you give to the stronger team at the beginning of the match.

Asian Handicap Betting Improves Odds at 12bet

12bet Asian Handicap Betting gives you the chance to increase your winnings when you are betting on a football match. This is possible because your odds of guessing correctly improve with the Asian Handicap. This technique eliminates the draw so you are left with only two possible outcomes. You therefore have a 1 in 2 chance of being right. Some people like betting on what the results of a match will be at halftime. Other punters look towards the results when 90 minutes have been completed.

With the Asian handicap, the advantage you give to the weaker team is added to its final score at the end of the match or at half time, as the case may be. Similarly, the handicap given to the stronger team is added to its goals tally when the match is over or after the first 45 minutes.

12bet changes the odds associated with each handicap for each game. In most cases, the more popular Asian Handicap lines, such as AH 2.5, have slightly lower payouts than those which are a little less common, such as AH 3.0. The odds for each team involved in a game will be different.

For example, in a match where Newcastle is competing against Manchester United, Newcastle may be thought of as the weaker team. In this situation, they would be given an advantage. If they are given a head start of 1.5 goals, the odds for +1.5 offered by 12bet might be 1.90. The bookmaker may offer odds of 2.0 for Manchester United with AH -1.5.


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12bet Asian Handicap Bets with Live Betting

12bet provides a wide range of Asian Handicap bets with Live Betting. The presentation is also easy to track so you can quickly compare the odds for different Asian Handicap lines.

Methods Used to Show Asian Handicap Bets at 12bet

Asian Handicap Bets are shown as negative or positive numbers at 12bet. For example, if a handicap of half a goal is assigned to a stronger team, this is shown as -0.5. Similarly, if an advantage or head start of 1.5 goals is given to a weaker team, this is shown as +1.5. For example, if you bet on Chelsea with odds of 2.0 and an Asian handicap of +1.5, this would be shown as Chelsea +1.5 @ 2.0.

Special Rules for Betting Using Asian Handicap Lines at 12bet

There are special rules for betting with Asian Handicap at 12bet, like at other bookmakers, too. There are several ways to make the most of the handicap but once you place your bet, you cannot change it. The bookmaker will use the goals scored at the end of the game or at half time to determine whether you have won your bet. You have a much greater chance of winning since the draw is eliminated.

Instructions and Explanation for Asian Handicap Betting via 12bet

With Asian handicap betting, you assign a head start to a weaker team or a handicap to a stronger team in order to even the odds between them. The draw is virtually removed as an outcome and options are reduced to win or lose. If the event you bet on is abandoned, your bet will be voided.

When using Asian Handicap betting at 12bet, you must select a team to place your bet on and include this information on your bet slip. You can choose from any one of a wide number of Asian handicap lines. Once you choose a line for the team you like, you should indicate your selection on your bet slip. For example, if you decide on AH 1.0 for Chelsea in a match against Liverpool, you would decide on your stake and place your bet.

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