There are different types of Asian Handicap types and here we will try to have them explained. Before we begin we need to understand what an Asian Handicap actually is. This is a form of betting in football where teams are handicapped according to their form, so the team with the highest chance to win needs to win by a certain amount of goals for the person who bet on it to win.

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This type of betting reduces the possible outcome from three to two because the draw is not considered in this type of betting system. The handicaps are usually divided into 0.5, 0, 1, 1.5 and a double handicap. The main aim of this system is to give each team an equal chance and making the bet more interesting.

The Types of Asian Handicap:

  • 0 Asian Handicap (Draw no Bet)

Draw no Bet is used when teams are considered level before the game. For example, if Liverpool plays Chelsea. The Asian Handicap will be at 0:0 with odds at 1.5 for Chelsea and 1.6 for Liverpool. You bet £100 on Chelsea to win. This is how the situation will play out. You will win £50(150-100) if Chelsea wins the game and if it’s a draw your money will be given back to you and if Chelsea loses you lose your bet. The same scenario applies to a person who bets on Liverpool as well.

  • 0.25 Asian Handicap

In this type of handicap one team starts the game with quarter a goal. This team is usually the underdog. There is no draw option in 0.25 Asian handicap. How this plays out can be explained in the following example: Auxerre Vs PSG at an Asian Handicap of -0.25:0.25. The odds are set at 1.7 for PSG and 2 for Auxerre. If you bet £100 on Auxerre to win -0.25 AH in order to win you need Auxerre to win, if they draw you’ll lose half your bet £50 and you’ll get the other half £50 back. If Auxerre loses you’ll lose your entire stake. If you bet the same amount on PSG winning at 0.25 AH in order to win you’ll need PSG to win. If the game ends as a draw you’ll get half your money back at a profit (£50+£85) and lose the other half.

  • 0.5 Asian Handicap

Here the underdog starts with a half goal before the teams start. The draw option is removed and you either win or lose. You will not be getting your money back. For instance, its Arsenal Vs Norwich at -0.5/0.5 AH and odds are at 1.5 for Arsenal and 2 for Norwich. You bet £100 on Arsenal winning -0.5 AH. In order to win, you need Arsenal to win, if the game ends as a tie or Arsenal loses then you lose your entire stake. If you bet £100 on Norwich to win at 0.5AH. In order to win you need Norwich to win or draw by the end of the game. If Arsenal wins you lose your entire stake.

  • 1 Asian Handicap

In this type of AH, a goal is given to the underdog team. The draw option is also eliminated here. For instance AC Milan Vs Parma at -1:1 AH and odds of 1.5 and 2 respectively. You bet £100 on AC Milan winning at -1 AH. If AC Milan wins by 2 or more goals then you win, if AC Milan wins by 1 goal you get your money back. If the game ends as a draw or Parma win then you lose the bet. You bet £100 on Parma to win at +1 AH. If Bologna wins or draws then you win. If they lose by 1 goal you get your money back, but if AC Milan wins by 2 or more goals then you lose your entire stake. The most common and profitable type has to be the 0.25 handicap because if you draw you get you money plus part of the profit back and if you won you still get your full winnings which is a plus.

Asian Handicap / Over Goals Betting

In this type of betting one tries to predict or ascertain the total number of goals that will be scored in a football match. For example, if you bet under 2.5 on a certain football match, you will win if it finishes with a maximum of 2 goals or less that is 0-0,1-0 and so on. Betting over 2.5 will mean that you win when the match finishes with 3 goals or more that is 2-1, 3-0 and so on. The most popular and probably more profitable is betting on the 2.5 range. An average match always has 2 or 3 goals scored, so it’s best to bet under 2.5 or over 2.5.

Double Handicap

Is the type of an Asian handicap that has grown in popularity in recent times. In this type of handicap, the bet is split into two halves. One is put on the whole number and the other in the non-whole number. There is a possibility of winning, half winning or losing. The advantage of this to the regular handicap is that you can win more money if you get a full win than in comparison the regular Asian handicap. Apart from that, a player is safeguarded better when using an Asian handicap because there is a more than likely scenario that one of the two handicaps will occur. The disadvantage is that you don’t stand to make a lot more because your bet is divided into the two Handicaps. For instance, if you bet £100 then this will be split into the two handicaps as £50 each.

The Difference between Asian Handicap and Standard 1×2 Betting

  1. The first and most common difference is the number of options. The Asian handicap has only two, you either win or lose there is no draw. On the other hand, in the standard 1×2 betting you can either win, lose or draw.
  2. In the Asian handicap, you only need to predict the score line that is how many goals will be scored by the team you are betting on. While in standard 1×2 betting you need to predict the whole outcome of the game for you to actually win your bet.

The Difference between Asian Handicap and European Handicap

The main difference between the two is the aspect of a draw. In an Asian handicap, a draw is not possible and you’ll have all your money refunded to you. This is not the case with a European handicap, a draw is possible and you lose your money if you draw. Example: Arsenal is playing Norwich city. The handicaps are placed at -2 for Arsenal and +2 for Norwich. In an Asian Handicap if Arsenal only scored two goals then you’d have your money refunded, but in a European Handicap if Arsenal only scored two goals then it is considered a draw and you lose all your money.

Common Abbreviations Used in Asian Handicap

AH- means Asian Handicap O/U- stands for over or under betting

Tips for all Types of Asian Handicaps

It’s best to use the double handicap when betting This is because with a double handicap you’ll be more on the safe side and you might lose some money but rarely will you ever lose all of it. For instance, if Manchester United Vs Chelsea at handicaps of -1,-1.5 and +1, +1.5 respectively, if Man Utd win the game by 1-0 you’ll get half your stakes back and lose the other half which in truth is better than nothing.


When betting on football matches it is best that you use Handicaps and, if possible, bet on a 0.25 handicap because the most likely scenario is that even if the team draws, you’ll still get half your money and part of the profit back.

The higher chance of winning is on Asian handicap than any other form of betting because in European handicap the possibility of a draw is usually high so you stand to lose your money and in standard 1×2 betting you need to bet on the outcome of the match which can prove to be tricky. Any deviations and you lose your money but in an Asian handicap you only need to bet on the number of goals and if you get a draw you get your money back.