5Dimes Asian Handicap Betting helps punters to protect their bankroll every time they place a wager. With this bookmaker, you have the option of placing a bet using any one of a number of Asian handicap lines. You can choose the one that you think is best in the game that you are betting on.

With the 5Dimes Asian Handicap, you can basically eliminate the stress associated with deciding whether your team will lose, draw or win the match. That is because the Asian handicap basically removes the option of a draw from the results. From that, one of the benefits of using the Asian Handicap arises because when the draw is removed, your chances of success rise to 1 in 2.

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The Selection Of 5Dimes Asian Handicap Bets

5Dimes introduced Asian Handicap betting in response to a growing market of UK punters who prefer this method. They have several betting lines for you to choose from when using the handicap. Once you become familiar with all of them, you may decide that some seem to offer you a better chance of winning than others.

With traditional betting, the draw, losses and wins must all be considered. With the Asian Handicap, you concentrate only on a win or loss in each game. That is because the handicap eliminates the draw, in essence. The number of outcomes which are possible is decreased to two and your likelihood of wagering correctly goes up to 50%.

At 5Dimes, you can use lines including: AH -1.5 AH -2.0 AH -2.5 AH +1.0 AH +2.5

Odds on Asian Handicap Bets Within 5Dimes

The odds will be different on each day. 5Dimes offers punters different matches to bet on daily and each match has its own set of odds. Within each match, each team’s odds are also different for the particular Asian Handicap that you want. For example, in a match with Bayern Munich vs Liverpool, the odds on Bayern with a handicap of 2 goals may be 1.90 while the odds on Liverpool with an advantage of 2 goals may be 1.80.

On 5Dimes, the odds for each team are clearly displayed when you look at each game. You can also easily switch from perusing one game or another. Once you see odds which are favourable to you on the game you want to bet on, you can make a selection.

If you have an account with other bookmakers, you may notice that the odds offered on Asian Handicap bets at 5Dimes are better. This bookmaker offers some of the best odds available on Asian Handicap lines. 5Dimes puts out the odds that they are offering on each football game the day before the match is set to begin. This means you have about 24 hours to decide which odds are best for you.


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Live Betting Through 5Dimes With Asian Handicap Lines

5Dimes does allow you to bet on live games using an Asian Handicap. This is a big plus for them, since many punters enjoy using Asian Handicap lines to bet on their favourite games, such as Premier League football.

How To Read 5Dimes Asian Handicap Bets

When using 5Dimes Asian Handicap Betting, you will notice that the bets are shown utilising information on the number of goals in the handicap, whether it is a penalty or advantage and the size of your wager. Let’s say you want to bet on Bayern Munich vs Manchester United and wager $400. The handicap is such that Chelsea has to get at least 2 goals to overcome it. For example, with Bayern Munich having a head start and Chelsea getting a penalty, you would see the information displayed in this format: Bayern Munich +1/2, +1 +200 Chelsea -1/2, -1 -200

With 5Dimes Asian Handicap Betting, each bet is often split into two parts. That gives you extra protection against losses. Since the bet is split into two, half of your stake of $400 is shown on the bet slip as 200. That means if Chelsea only win the match by 1 goal, you would still make a profit on one part of your bet.

Special Rules For 5Dimes Asian Handicap Betting

With Asian Handicap Betting, the bet you make at the beginning of a game is final. You cannot change your stake once the match has started. You also cannot change the handicap.

How to Wager With Asian Handicap Betting Lines At 5Dimes

5Dimes Asian Handicap Betting is easy to use. You have to open an account with them before you can bet using actual cash. They have a platform that is easy to use, once you become accustomed to it. They divide the football games into different sections so once you are logged in, you can navigate to the area with the game you want to bet on.

5Dimes is set up so that you must decide from the beginning which match you want to bet on. Once you have logged into your account, you can place a bet on any football game you choose with 5Dimes, whether it is an international game or otherwise. 5Dimes also lets you use the Asian Handicap to bet on other games, such as tennis.

Identify the game and then decide which handicap you want to use. Once you click on the bet, you will be taken to a page where you can put in the amount of your wager. The bookmakers have set up the system so you consider each bet carefully. You cannot place multiple wagers at once and must enter the stake for each bet separately.

Both the game and the handicap you choose will be shown on your bet slip. The Asian Handicap Betting lines which are available have different odds and you should take this into account before you place your bet. Once your bet is placed, you cannot change it. To verify your bet, you will need to enter your password again, even though you are already logged in to your account.

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