Asian Handicap betting is designed to create a more level playing field when it comes to wagering on football matches. Asian Handicap betting applies a goal, or a ‘ball’ handicap to more successful teams, meaning they’ll have to win by a greater margin of goals in order for a wager to be counted. Asian handicaps reduce the amount of outcomes a player can wager on to two, disregarding draws. There are two main types of this betting method, including Simple Handicaps (or ‘Single Handicaps’), offer straightforward betting on single odds and outcomes, while Split Handicaps (otherwise known as ‘Twin Handicaps’ or ‘Two-Way Handicaps’) allow players to split their bet, placing half their wager on one handicap, and the remainder on another.

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What Exactly Is Asian Handicap Betting?

Asian handicap betting is a relatively recent arrival to the gambling scene, first gaining momentum in the 1990s. By the early 21st century, the football betting method had gained incredible popularity on home soil Indonesia, and became popular throughout much of the Europe and the UK not long after.

Asian line betting allows players to enjoy a much more level playing field when it comes to betting on games with teams of dramatically different performance history and goal scoring statistics. Asian handicap betting essentially makes for a 50/50 chance of success every time, although prizes and returns can be nurtured by opting for the right handicap scores and split bets.

Asian Handicap 0 / Draw no Bet

This type of handicap, also known as a ‘level ball handicap’ or Draw no Bet, sets the default starting score at a nil for both teams. As this even numbered handicap could result in a draw at final whistle, this outcome means betters will have their stake returned, or ‘pushed’ to them. If they’ve wagered on the highest scoring team to win, they’ll win the bet. If not, they’ll lose their stake. Read more...

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Asian Handicap 0.25

This handicap applies a 1/4 goal to any given team. Exact odds different depending on home and away matches, but again, the draw result is discarded. A 0.25 handicap is slightly more complex than the previous form. An outright win is the most lucrative way to pocket money, while a draw will see half a player's stake returned, although they'll lose the other half. Read more...

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Asian Handicap 0.5

Here, the lowest ranked team will be given a half goal handicap advantage. Unlike other types of handicaps, there's no way to earn back any of your initial stake, meaning the only way to win is to see the handicapped team win the match. If you're betting on the team without the handicap, you'll only need them to tie or score the most goals in order to win the bet. Read more...

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Asian Handicap 0.75

The 0.75, or 3/4 handicap is similar to the 0.25 Asian Handicap, with some minor exceptions. The lowest ranked team is given an advantage handicap of a quarter goal, and players can some of their wager back. If the winning team wins by a small margin covered by the handicap, players will see half their stake returned. If the opposing team wins by a wider margin, the gambler will lose everything. Read more...

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Asian Handicap 1

The lowest ranked team is awarded an initial handicap of a single goal. In the event of a tie after adjustments, the player will receive back their wager. If the team still loses after adjustments, they'll lose their entire stake. The handicapped team needs to have a higher goal tally after adjustment in order to win back the best prize. Read more...

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Other Types of Asian Handicap

Higher goal penalties and handicap advantages can be applied on matches and wagered on. Two goal handicaps are common in football betting, with up to five possible match outcomes, two of which see a win, and a third returns pushes the original wager back to the player. For high rollers with the available play budget, accrued winnings from three-way betting can be a viable way to win big, long term. Read more...

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3-Way Handicap

A three-way goal handicap isn't strictly a method used in Asian Handicap betting, but follows the same basic system. Essentially, it introduces a third bankable outcome into the mix, the draw. Three-way goal betting also applies handicaps to draw outcomes, meaning there's more possible game outcomes and betting rewards on offer than more similar types of Asian Handicaps. Read more...

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Asian Handicap Abbreviations

Although a common fixture of the football betting market, it’s surprisingly at just how many different abbreviations there are for Asian Handicaps. Keep your eyes out for ‘AH’ for the first indication of Asian Handicap betting odds, this two letter abbreviation will always lead the overall adds. A quarter-goal handicap might be written as 0,25, 0.25 or 1/4. A half-goal handicap will be written as 0,5, 0.5, 1/5 and so on. Handicaps can be applied as a set-back, or a head-start, and will be applied with a plus or minus, depending on team favoured by the odds (example: +0.25, -0.50 and so on).

Asian Handicap Betting – The Pros and Cons of the System

Although the returns aren’t huge, Asian Handicap betting remains popular with many football fans looking for an easy, low risk way to win. Offering relatively simple odds without much deviation between bookmakers, the rate of return is high and players can wager at any level. The handicap and advantage system is incredibly simple for even the most novice gambler to get to grips with, with usually no more than two match outcomes, and rarely more than four prize/bet outcomes. There are more ways to win for games where a higher handicap or advantage has been awarded. In short, it’s a great first step for those looking to dip their toe into the world of sports betting, and easy to play progressively, allowing for big accumulated winnings down the line.

Split handicaps, or two-way handicaps, can also allow players to minimize their chance of losing by splitting their wager and placing it on two different handicap scores, allowing them to essentially secure a return on some of their bet on a winning outcome, either way. Although popular and lucrative for the committed player, actual profits can be low and bookmakers can command more of a premium for successful bets.

Handicap betting is a very useful way of bookmakers overcoming the issues caused by a mismatched football game where one side might be playing against a team with a dramatically different performance record. It’s a useful way of bookmaker’s minimizing their losses to win/lose bets on games with almost zero odds.

Although it’s simple and straightforward to master, Asian Handicap betting isn’t without its drawbacks. Those looking for big returns in the short term will be left disappointment, with most handicap bets resulting in relatively slight profit margins.

Asian Handicap vs. European Handicap

The main difference between Asian Handicap and European Handicap is the amount of outcomes available for wagering upon. With European Handicaps, players can bet on a win, lose or draw. With European Handicap betting, payouts also depend on a much more specific outcome than with its Asian counterpart. The odds are generally more favourable and the profit margin on wins slightly higher than Asian line betting. With Asian Handicaps, players have a lower risk method of play. With only two essential outcomes to bet on, the chance of a win is significantly higher, and when higher handicap values are applied, there’s more lucrative outcomes ensuring a payout, or at the very least a push back of the original stake, or in some cases, half of it. Offering a comparatively safer way to gamble for small time wagerers and high rollers alike, the Asian Handicap line system

Frequently Asked Questions About Asian Handicap Betting

If you’re still feeling confused about Asian Handicap betting, don’t worry. We’ve put together a few answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the innovative betting method to help you strike out with a better gambling strategy.

Origins of Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap first became popular in Indonesia, but has since grown into a popular form of betting across the globe. In countries where football remains a prominent league sport, the betting system is particularly popular, and now offered by many leading bookmakers and online betting destinations. In native Indonesian, the betting form is referred to as “Hang Cheng”, with the term “Asian Handicap” first introduced in the late nineties. Asian Handicap betting remains one of the best ways to secure value bets, without the need for significant outlays to secure a payout.

Do only Asian Bookmakers Offer Asian Handicap Bets?

Although the system originated in Asia, Asian Handicaps are now a firm fixture of betting sites and bookmakers, and particularly popular in the United Kingdom and Europe where football remains one of the most followed and wagered upon sports. You’ll find prominent UK bookies like William Hill Sport, Ladbrokes and FredBet all offering simplified Asian Handicap betting on many football fixtures, both premier league and international championships. Some bricks and mortar bookmakers may also offer Asian Handicap odds on local match fixtures, which can often mean higher value handicaps or advantages, increasing the chance of a more lucrative return on a successful bet.

Lucrative Long Term Returns

Even though it doesn’t offer the greatest returns, the rate of payouts and is significantly higher than in other forms of betting. For committed betting professionals, the methods offers a very viable way of accruing significant sums over a longer period of betting. For high rollers, the system can still yield big payouts if the funds for big initial wagers are available. With less outcomes to contend with, the chances of winning are dramatically higher.

Asian Handicap Betting – Risks and Returns

Compared to other types of betting, Asian Handicaps offer only a two-way outcome and a good rate of return. The handicap system is incredibly transparent and easy to understand, even for the novice, and with minimal research into team and player performance, and recent match and goal statistics, it’s easy to make an informed bet on a successful outcome of any typical football match. The system discounts draw results, meaning players can see their original stake returned, although successful bets don’t always yield the biggest prize margins.

Can I Use Asian Handicap Betting on Other Sports?

Asian Handicap betting can be applied not only to football fixtures, but also to many sports that offer similar ways to wager on game outcomes. Many American sports, including team games like basketball, baseball and American football, offer variations on the method, such as spread betting, with flexible betting and stakes that can be spread over individual periods within game for a higher chance of securing a payout on at least some of a stake.